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dmksails 30-07-2020 10:10

Purpose of holes in caprail
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The cap rail around the stern of my boat has 2 small holes in the same location on the port and starboard sides. They seem to go all the way thru the wood, but end there - they are not thru-holes.

I suspect they may be from some hardware that was attached in the distant past, but if so, so outline of that hardware shows in the wood.

Do these serve some function?

I want to plug them, but not if they are there for a purpose


grantmc 30-07-2020 10:28

Re: Purpose of holes in caprail
What they did in the past, and why they're there you'll never know, but they have no purpose now, so fill them.

psk125 02-08-2020 19:46

Re: Purpose of holes in caprail
Looks like screw holes to perhaps attach padeyes for some reason? Did the previous owner have young children aboard? He might have rigged netting around the stern pulpit and installed padeyes to hold it in place. Time to fill them.

glenn.225 03-08-2020 05:02

Re: Purpose of holes in caprail
Could they possibly be drain holes to prevent water collecting in this area.

Bill O 03-08-2020 05:40

Re: Purpose of holes in caprail
Agree, they look like screw holes from an old piece of hardware. If I were a betting man, it appears they may have moved the stanchion mount back due to striped out wood screws. Would fill then or drill them out and fill w/small bungs.

(edit: after looking at the pic again, the screw positions are a different spacing than the stanchion in the pic)

Related is to the screw holes in the cap is to check your stanchion mounts. Seen many that were just wood screws into the cap rail. IMO this is then a false sense of security expecting the life lines keeping one in the boat. If someone (an adult) fell against them, the stanchions will most likely pull out and that person will be in the water.

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