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CarlF 29-07-2020 17:40

Stazo outboard lock
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Iíve had a Stazo lock on my dinghy outboard for years. The lock cylinder has frozen. Days of treating it with Kroil didnít free it. Then, while putting a bit more force on the key it snapped off in the lock. All the standard tricks to get a broken key out hasnít worked.

Any suggestions? This is not going to be easy to cut off.

Jammer 29-07-2020 18:10

Re: Stazo outboard lock
Stazo uses a disc detainer lock that is difficult to finesse.

Deviant Ollam on removal of broken keys:

LPL on disc detainer locks and how to pick them:

A pick may be helpful for loosening stuck tumblers.

If you have a second key, or can order a second key from Stazo, and get the one you broke out of the keyway, that might be your best bet. I would apply some vibration to the lock using an air impact hammer or similar, or maybe some tapping with a light hammer, to try to loosen internal parts.

Otherwise you're going to have to cut it off or drill it and either way that will be no picnic

chouliha 30-07-2020 19:02

Re: Stazo outboard lock
We have been using this same exact lock for more 15 years. The biggest issue is the lock itself is not stainless. On a monthly basis I would spray a rust inhibitor in the lock. I hate to say it but I think you will need a grinder to cut the lock off. Best of luck with any other options you may find.

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