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Setsail360 29-07-2020 09:30

Importing a boat to Canada from France...sort of....
Hello, I am in the process of determining the tariffs, if any, on bringing a boat to Canada, originally built in France and purchased by a Norwegian and registered in Norway.

The boat never entered Norwegian waters, it was never imported into Norway from France (because of the heavy taxes that would have been levied on the boat) and never officially exported from France to another country.

It has remained for 6 years in international waters, and I am wanting to purchase it as it moors in New Zealand.

Having spoken to Canada Border Officers, there would be a 9.5% duty imposed, if the boat had entered another countries economy that was not part of the CETA (EU recognized countries) trade agreement. Norway's agreement with Canada is called EFTA and is separate from CETA, thus nullifying any exemptions I might claim.

My question is: As it is registered in Norway with the Norwegian Maritime Authority, would that disqualify it from CETA jurisdiction and disqualify me from duty exemption under the CETA agreement?

Remember, no taxes or importation into Norway has transpired. Only the registration is there.

As the boat is in New Zealand, and I am buying it in Euros from the owner, does that fact also potentially affect my Tarif situation?

Most curious to hear about similar experiences and your replies.


deblen 29-07-2020 18:29

Re: Importing a boat to Canada from France...sort of....
No personal experience with importing boat to Canada other than from USA.
But I found this :

Are you ever bringing the boat to Canada?


Setsail360 29-07-2020 18:48

Re: Importing a boat to Canada from France...sort of....
That link was very helpful. Thanks. I will contact Pat tomorrow.

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