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Lucas1983 23-07-2020 01:58

Charging possibilities with lithium ion batts and the very common brown trojan deep c
I am hoping to buy a boat but I will have to outfit it with some sort of a full power generation package with storage banks and after reading I still am feeling pretty new to lithium-ion especially if you already have a bank of lead acid or AGM batteries, I wanted to know if you can use controller to charge the lithium and other AGM batts at the same time from solar or wind, or would I need 2 seperate controllers as in 1 for each bank? If you had enough solar wind and hydrovaynebal9ne for example, or because the lithium can handle 130 amps pounding in the bank as long as they stay below 25c
And I guess the same if I had a generator that was at least 7.5 kw can I wire the system a certain way or program a controller to charge the Lithium and other battery's at the same time. Does anyone know if the new battery controllers today and or chargers can manage different output s to seperate storage banks and if you plug into whore power would all of this automatically switch over from 12volt solar to using the 30-50 amp shore power or if I would need another seperate controller altogether for Shore alone!
I called one if the recommended vendors today but young fellow didn't seem to be able to answer my question with confidence so that's why I'm asking here even though I know if I spent enough time or a few hours I feel probably find him this somewhere and I did try searching certain threads and searches but did not getbanswers I needed.
When I had a RV I could use a generator or Shore power and with a transfer switch I did not have to worry about turning anything on or off I could just plug in the shore power everything would take care of itself automatically.

Thank you everyone and please Steve any other semi applicable and race and if controllers and such things are easy enough to find on places like eBay or second-hand used off of Kijiji or something, I kind of doubt it but I thought the forum would know.

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