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Padastty 12-07-2020 16:00

Battery Monitor Mystery
I have an EMON battery monitor. While connected to shore power the the volts reading is pretty steady but the AMPS remaining will continue to drop over time. It seems as if it has to cycle in order to reset back to full AMPS. This seems counter intuitive...I would expect the AMP HOURS to remain full at 200. Obviously this creates concern when off shore power for a period as even with solar, wind and running the engines doesn't ever seem to bring the AMP HOURS back up but the VOLTS will go up to low 13 range. Then when reconnected to shore power the VOLTS do go up to the high 13 low 14 range and eventually the AMP HOURS reset to full and then start to decline again over time. Any insight would be appreciated.

BugzyCan 12-07-2020 16:20

Re: Battery Monitor Mystery
How many batteries in the pool? Could you have one that is dying? A battery will often charge up to full, but have no strength CCH after if there is a cracked cell in it.
You could try removing each battery one at a time and see if the Amps stay up, then just swap out that one battery. If after swapping each battery out and you find nothing, then I would think it is a problem with your EMON battery monitor.
Note: I am NO expert on this, just throwing out some ideas.

s/v Jedi 12-07-2020 16:23

Re: Battery Monitor Mystery
It sounds like the negative from the battery charger is connected to the negative of the battery. This is wrong. The only thing that may be connected tobattery negative is the shunt of the battery monitor; everything else must be connected to the other side of the shunt.

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