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Jimmy30379 12-07-2020 14:37

It's a crapy job...
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Hello everyone,

On my 2016 450f, (owners version). the master head on the Starboard side of the ship is having issues.

It appears that the water from the holding tank is back filling into the toilet bowl.

The good news is that it is a fresh water flush and the layer of water inside the toilet fixture keeps the back filling from being smelly. That is very good news.

Upon further inspection and several deductive reasoning experiments, it seems like the back fill is coming from the hose that is used to flush the toilet.
The back filling happens very slowly (taking several days to get to its full hight in the bowl). and in the several times it has happened, the fill level is always the same amount.

I am assuming that there are duckbill valves in the system and that one of them is faulty, thus allowing the water in the expulsion hose to seep back into the toilet bowl fixture.

So the question I have is:
Has anyone taken apart their heads?
Are there duckbills valves utilized in the factory lagoon heads?
If so, how many are there and what size are they?

It seems like there are a couple of areas where duckbill valves could be installed, one is just after the flushing pump on the bowl. (photo attached below)

The other is a break in the line that you access from under the lower storage compartment just aft of the toilet fixture. (photo attached below)

I have attached the following photos for reference:
1. the toilet bowl
2. the flushing pump
3. the top of the holding tank (the hose that leads to the toilet is on the right
4. a wide shot of the break in the hose line under the sink
5. a tighter shot of the hose line under the sink

If anyone has taken this system apart before or has insight on the amount / size of the duckbills, your input would be greatly appreciated

All the best,

Tin Tin 12-07-2020 23:56

Re: It's a crapy job...
There are two joker valves in the system. One at the head outlet and another inserted in line where the exit pipe joins to a hose that connects to the holding tank , i believe you have taken a photo of it (3 and 4) . The Joker valve at the toilet is a standard Jabsco available most places, the in line one is a different sized one from Whale, you can get these on-line. I'll see if I can dig up the part number. The in line has likely got some crud stuck in it, best to replace it all together, then do the other heads in the boat - yipee. Before doing this job, flush with vinegar to kill all the bugs in the pipe, because when you take that inline valve apart its going to come gushing out, unless you let it sit there long enough to finally seep out.

It's a WHALE LV1215.

Assumes the fitting on a 2016 is same as 2011.

Jimmy30379 13-07-2020 13:04

Re: It's a crapy job...
Tin Tin,

Thank you very much for the response!!!

Much appreciated!


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