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michaelrene 04-07-2020 10:31

Anchorage on west side of Georgian bay
Hello everyone. Greetings and hope everyone is safe and sailing.
I got a 1979 tanzer 7.5 2 years ago. Fixed it up and started sailing last year. It was an absolutely fabulous time. This year I plan on taking a 3 week vacation for the last 2 weeks of august and the first week of September and sail from my home port of sarnia up and into Georgian bay. Since this will be my first time for such a step forward I have chosen to stay on the west side of Georgian bay and spend time exploring since it is closer to civilization than the north east side. Those areas will be in future cruises.
I wonder if any of the knowledgeable members on this site could chime in on worthwhile anchorages to visit. Not necessarily towns or cities but quiet out of the way areas to anchor for a couple of days and relax on the boat and in the water.

Thank you all
Michael. SV Indacouch.

AiniA 06-07-2020 05:58

Re: Anchorage on west side of Georgian bay
Not really many possibilities. The Bruce Peninsula is actually the Niagara Escarpment with the steep side (think Niagara Falls) on the west side. Water is very deep close to shore and there are almost no protected little bays. The obvious exception is Wingfield Basin right at the NE corner of the peninsula. It is a terrific anchorage but tends to be busy. You are much better off going north from Tobermory into the North Channel which is a terrific cruising ground. Check out Active Captain to get some ideas.

Gary Mc 06-07-2020 07:07

Re: Anchorage on west side of Georgian bay
I agree with AiniA, go up to the channel, this should be a terrific year to do it as there likely will not be nearly as many boats up there. Hit the well known spots like Killarney, Covered Portage Cove, the Benjamins, Fox Island, Baie Finn and the Pool. Lots of spectacular anchorages.

Also there are many sailors in Sarnia who would be happy to offer suggestions.

Good Luck

michaelrene 07-07-2020 07:09

Re: Anchorage on west side of Georgian bay
Thank you for the advice. Might have some revised planning to do now.

Boulter 16-07-2020 14:25

Re: Anchorage on west side of Georgian bay
I have taken my Tanzer 22 up and down the west side of Georgian Bay a couple of times and been in the North Channel 6 times on the Tanzer and my Sandpiper 565. I agree that the North Channel is the better idea, but there are places to go on the west side of Georgian Bay.

One thing I would note is that 3 weeks is not a lot of time in a small boat on big water. There are frequently 3 and 4 day stretches of high winds and waves that prudence and comfort suggest staying put is the best course of action. For example, last season I waited in Wingfield Basin for 3 days waiting for better conditions. A few days later it was wild coming into Collingwood too.

My point of the above is that if you can trailer your boat, the west side of Georgian Bay would leave the possibility of bailing out at one of the towns and having someone come retrieve you and the boat with greater ease than somewhere in the North Channel would.

Of course if you have trailer abilities, another possibility I could recommend is to take the ferry across to Manitoulin and launch at Spider Bay Marina in Little Current. This will cost quite a bit, about $300 each way, but it gets you in and out in a day each way guaranteed, as opposed with taking your chances on weather coming up Georgian Bay.

I also very much recommend that your main has two reef points and that you have a small head sail in the 50% size range. Oh and jack lines and harness gear.

I assume from your original post you are new to sailing, not just new to your boat, so forgive me if you indeed have years of experience and the above is somewhat superfluous.

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