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Cowboy Sailer 12-02-2009 09:18

Timely Advice for Cruising Sailboat Owners
My advice to cruising sailboat owners is as follows:

Due to the uncertainty of the financial situation in the near future you should sell your expensive fiberglass hole in the water into which you pour great amounts of cash.

In order to eliminate marina expenses and high upkeep expenses you should plan on selling your boat in the next four or five months.

To make your sailboat stand out in the great number of boats that will be appearing on the market at the same time you should equip it with the best sails, motor and interior as possible.

You should attempt to make it as close to “sail away” or “turn key” condition as possible.

Remember that interiors sell to wives and hull, rig, sails and motor sell to men. Spare no expense. Remember, other sailboat owners are hearing this same advice, make your sailboat stand out above the others.

Now, most importantly, read my lips, think, “Deep Discount”. In order to get out from under that drain on your finances that you are presently tied to, you must think, “Less is more”.

Then, after you have buffed your boat until it sparkles, after you have done all the maintenance that a perfectionist would desire and it is truly ready for a new owner, you must find a buyer with cash.

For instances, imagine that you could find a retiring person from a distant country, say in Africa, who wanted a sailboat and had the cash. You should leave no stone unturned to find a way that your boat and your deal meet that man.

Remember the principles. Excellent condition, attractive appearance, and low asking price.

I have your best interests at heart. I am here to help. Trust me. Have I ever lied to you? I will be returning to the USA with cash in hand June the sixth. That doesn’t give you a lot of time. You better get busy.

Oh yeah, if you are in a marina, move out at once. The only way we are going to lower marina rates is for everybody to move out. Get out and stay out! Just think, the marina owners will be so struggling to get boats to stop at their marina that they will be forced to hire attractive young women in red bikinis to wave at passing boats to get them to stop and stay at their particular marina where they will help you tie up and make you welcome! So if you are cluttering up a good marina leave now! We need lower occupancy rates at marinas everywhere.

This is good advice and given unselfishly by your friend.

David M 12-02-2009 09:22

Are you in the market to buy a boat by any chance? :) Now is an excellent time to buy when the prices are down and probably the worst time to sell unless you have no choice.

Cowboy Sailer 12-02-2009 09:29

Why, now that you mention it, I am looking to buy.

BadFish 12-02-2009 10:02

Hmmm... Attractive, bikini-clad female dock workers that will "tie you up?" My god, if they were to serve drinks as well, somebody better let the folks in Oslo know about this.

Bravo my friend.



DavidGC 12-02-2009 12:27


Originally Posted by Cowboy Sailer (Post 254110)
Remember that interiors sell to wives and hull, rig, sails and motor sell to men.

Welcome to 1956

Greenman 12-02-2009 14:01

LOL Jerry, great post. Good luck with your search.

nautical62 12-02-2009 14:08

Best of luck in your boat search. There are some boats out there not too far off from what you said. I picked one up recently myself.

My other boat is turning out to be a relatively good investment. It's earning more income and depreciating much less quickly than any other capital investment I have.

MarkJ 12-02-2009 14:31


Originally Posted by Cowboy Sailer
Remember that interiors sell to wives and hull, rig, sails and motor sell to men.
Welcome to 1956

Originally Posted by DavidGC (Post 254173)
Welcome to 1956

Yeah, I went below to sus out the bedroom and Nicolle quickly climbed the mast :(


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