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bastikriol 26-05-2020 14:23

Volvo parts needed
Hi All,

I have a Volvo D2-75 that has a silencer that comprised of two Stainless end plates in a couple foot section of 8" radiator/exhaust hose. The end plates have numerous corrosion pinholes, I have used some epoxy to seal the end caps, but would like to replace with new if possible....

The part numbers are 842764 and 842765. They are listed as discontinued.

Just hoping that someone could suggest a source or actually has the two parts needed...

Also, if you have any suggestions for alternatives courses of action that would be very much appreciated too!!!!

Thanks for your time, love this site!!!


Lehua-kona 26-05-2020 16:48

Re: Volvo parts needed
I have a D2-55E, and have had to deal many times with superseded part numbers. I have found Marine Parts Express to be a highly reliable source of information and parts. I would suggest starting with the 'engine search':

The One List - Marine Parts Express

Click your specific D2-75 (A, B, C, etc.), then do a 'part no. search', using the part numbers you have.

Alternatively, you can go the schematics library for your engine model, via this route:

Volvo Penta Schematics - Marine Parts Express

On this page, select


'Silencer inlet' looks like what you're looking for. The schematic will refer to current part numbers.

Good luck.

Dsanduril 26-05-2020 17:31

Re: Volvo parts needed
If you can't find/don't like the price of Volvo parts Vetus makes a whole lot of exhaust components that are all plastic (no corrosion) except for the fasteners. Our D2-40 doesn't come with the same Volvo silencer, but our old engine had one. Replaced it with Vetus, and the current engines came with Vetus waterlocks installed by the Volvo dealer. May be an option, but then you have to figure out new mounting, etc. as they are not a direct drop-in replacement.

bastikriol 26-05-2020 17:44

Re: Volvo parts needed
Thanks for you suggestions, I will look into it... I am really hoping to keep the costs down, so I was hoping to locate the actual parts... right now they are "repaired" but I hate have more than myself to worry about!:smile:

Dsanduril 26-05-2020 17:52

Re: Volvo parts needed
Just so we're all clear, is this the unit you are looking at? The SS end caps are getting holes?

Pretty sure I've seen those other than Volvo, but can't recall where, if the picture is correct maybe it will jog someone else's memory.

bastikriol 26-05-2020 18:09

Re: Volvo parts needed
Yes sir, that is the whole unit assembled. I am looking for and part numbers I provided are for the Stainless end pieces. The whole unit can be had for about $700...

I hate spending that much for the 2 end caps, section of hose and hose clamps...

Thank you for clarifying and providing the picture....



Compass790 26-05-2020 18:33

Re: Volvo parts needed
I'd agree with Dsanduril, get a fibre reinforced plastic muffler to replace it. There are plenty of types that will work.
I make my own stainless ones but FRP is better after water injection.
However if you are fixed on stainless try a few stainless fabrication places. I'm sure they could make you one cheaper.

bastikriol 26-05-2020 18:56

Re: Volvo parts needed
I am not fixed on Stainless, I like the idea of non corrosive materials, but I want to go cheap as possible right now... Thanks for you suggestion!!!

Dsanduril 26-05-2020 19:10

Re: Volvo parts needed
I feel your pain but am struggling to recall if I ever found a source other than Volvo. I do know that at one point I pulled the hose off the unit and put epoxy all over the inside ends of the drum (both ends) to seal the same kinds of pinholes you are describing. So, not an unknown problem.

Compass790 26-05-2020 19:18

Re: Volvo parts needed

Originally Posted by Dsanduril (Post 3149182)
I feel your pain but am struggling to recall if I ever found a source other than Volvo. I do know that at one point I pulled the hose off the unit and put epoxy all over the inside ends of the drum (both ends) to seal the same kinds of pinholes you are describing. So, not an unknown problem.

Yes this is a good idea too.
He can glass over all except the pipe ends as well. I glassed over a plastic muffler that had a hole in it & lasted 5 years & probably a lot more ( sold the boat)

I meant OP can find a muffler that will do the job but might have to make his own mounts etc if he wants to avoid being reamed by Volvo

Dsanduril 26-05-2020 19:57

Re: Volvo parts needed
Palby Marine may be worth contacting, doesn't look like an exact match, but pretty close, and if they use the same size hoses then might not be a big deal. Looks like their whole new unit is available for ~1/2 Volvo's price (in Europe).

Another link

PNWSalmon 26-05-2020 20:02

Re: Volvo parts needed
Google "fiberglass muffler from Centek" I was informed one of the boats in our fleet had his replacement made for a meer $170!

I have no connection to the company .

DougR 27-05-2020 12:40

Re: Volvo parts needed
I may have a couple of those end plates....I think 3.5” inlet & outlet hose diameter. What hose size do you need?

DougR 28-05-2020 07:20

Re: Volvo parts needed
2 Attachment(s)
Hello Bastikriol,
I did some digging in my garage and I found the muffler you need.....
Part # 842768. End plates # 842764 and 842765.
89mm/3.5”. Hose size

Send me a PM if you’re interested.


Dsanduril 28-05-2020 07:28

Re: Volvo parts needed
The joys of the internet:biggrin: Here's someone looking for a somewhat difficult to source part, and someone else who just happens to have one in their garage!

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