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JayBee74 05-05-2020 07:24

Hello from Cocoa FL
Hey everyone, how are ya'll ?

I'm signed up for my first lesson here in a couple weeks and I can't wait to get started. Short term plan is to join the local sailing club and start building experience. Long term plan is to retire and cruise the world !

Any advice before first lesson ? I've already done a bunch of the video lessons on ASA and am halfway through the Sailing Made Easy book. When I'm not busy doing other things I'm usually watching sailing channels on YT - picking up on the terminology :)

Thanks, Jeff.

JayBee74 13-05-2020 14:01

Re: Hello from Cocoa FL
alrighty then

PLANET EXPRESS 13-05-2020 14:16

Re: Hello from Cocoa FL
Skip asa, take the cash you would spend on courses buy a small sailboat. Read books watch sailing videos and practice on water with your boat. O and you can try the clubs most are very expensive. Have seen several very small sailboat given away lately.

OloteleMtn 15-05-2020 02:21

Re: Hello from Cocoa FL
Welcome Jeff, I think I would agree with the above, get a small boat and go sailing; everything you learn will apply to a larger boat in basic principle. Make a friend with a larger boat who needs crew, volunteer to help with maintenance, hone your skills. Steve in Am Sam

jeanathon 15-05-2020 05:35

Re: Hello from Cocoa FL
I would agree with getting a small boat, BUT it depends how you learn. If you do best with lessons then go that route. Either way a couple lessons before getting a small boat would be advisable as having a solid base to start with.

gonesail 15-05-2020 06:51

Re: Hello from Cocoa FL
I took local sailing lessons in a small boat and ended up buying a boat like the one I had lessons in. worked great for me :thumb:

JayBee74 31-05-2020 10:14

Re: Hello from Cocoa FL
Hello all,

Finished the 101 class this week finally ! I'm used to a structured course kind of thing from getting my pilot's license so I feel it was money well spent. The club is only $75 a month which includes 1/2 day of rental.

I did almost go the buy a small boat route but docks seem pretty expensive around here - I have no idea what slips usually cost but its $400-600 roughly around here from what I saw - just don't really have that in the budget at the moment with the reduction in work hours from the coronavirus.

So I think I want to get some sea time and just buy the boat I really want to have the first time. I'm looking at a 40' or so boat over the long term I think. Still figuring all that out too.

If anyone in the Space Coast ever needs another hand on board just let me know :)

chanceflight 10-06-2020 17:19

Re: Hello from Cocoa FL
Hey JayBee. Did you take the ASA course on Merritt Island? I'm originally from MI, now living in Indiana. Just starting lessons myself. I inquired with them, intending to go down to take it there and stay with family but opted for a course up here. Their membership sounds like a good deal. I may have to check them out since I'm down there about once a month.

jeanathon 10-06-2020 18:46

Re: Hello from Cocoa FL
Well I must chime in as a native MIer now living in WNC. No Asa courses up here so self taught, but also a pilot.
Greetings. I hope to be back by bigger water soon although this water here can't be beat for cleanliness.

JayBee74 14-06-2020 18:21

Re: Hello from Cocoa FL
Yes it was on Merritt Island 😁

Hello fellow pilot ! I figured once I got divorced I had to buy a sailboat to be like all the other airline pilots 🤣🤣

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