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heritage58 28-04-2020 14:11

Sell my house for a Swan 48?
We always wanted a water view. At my age (69), this may be the time. I notice a severe drop in prices in all assets, boats and houses and equities alike. I'm sure this topic has been written about but I'm new. Regards.

a64pilot 28-04-2020 14:24

Re: Sell my house for a Swan 48?
Assuming you have plenty of assets to cover the rest of your life, sure if that’s the boat that really does it for you, cause while the house may be an appreciating asset, the boat isn’t, plan on losing your butt when you go to sell, and if you don’t, then throw a party.
However whatever boat you buy, before you buy maybe the most important thing you can do is find yourself a real GOOD, HONEST surveyor. Matter of fact I’d make that my first search.
Then be darn sure you don’t talk yourself into any kind of fix it up boat, maybe if you were 50, sure do it then, but if getting on the water is what your after, then you need an honest ready to go boat, and those are harder to find than you might think.
Personally a good buyers broker was a great help to us, and as the seller pays, it doesn’t cost you.
You sure a Swan? Are you already a proficient sailor, I mean years of experience?

dougweibel 28-04-2020 15:25

Re: Sell my house for a Swan 48?

Originally Posted by heritage58 (Post 3127888)
We always wanted a water view. At my age (69), this may be the time. I notice a severe drop in prices in all assets, boats and houses and equities alike. I'm sure this topic has been written about but I'm new. Regards.

You will sell your house at a devalued price and reinvest in a depreciating asset? If you have noticed a drop in prices of both boats and houses then given that houses tend to appreciate and boats tend to depreciate this would be a poor time to sell your house and buy a boat. I understand it is more complicated than that but unless you already sold your house the premise in your title bears some scrutiny.

Of course buying a boat never makes economic sense and buying one for a low price feels good. I would definitely do it. If the Swan 48 is the right call for you is an open question that needs a lot more background info to hazard a guess.

a64pilot 28-04-2020 15:35

Re: Sell my house for a Swan 48?
At 69 you may not have too many years to wait for housing prices to come back. If you have plenty of other assets, why not?
Most that are looking at Swans are not normally people that are overly concerned about money it seems, they are not a budget boat.

Fore and Aft 28-04-2020 16:23

Re: Sell my house for a Swan 48?
Heritage 58 to put it politely I think you are mad to sell your house to buy a yacht unless you have a lot of assests.
Two years ago I surveyed a cat an older couple were purchasing after selling their house. That cat never left the dock in two years and now they are selling it so they can buy a house again. They have had to take a big hit on the selling price of the cat and I doubt they will be buying a house in their old neighbourhood.
Surely you can find a cheaper live aboard, unless you want to go cruising?
As for water view plenty of older Australians enjoy water views all year round simply by taking their RV to a beachside park and staying for a few months.


roverhi 28-04-2020 16:34

Re: Sell my house for a Swan 48?
Don't know where you are at but house prices haven't dropped a nickel in SoCal. Some are staying on the market a bit longer, 2 weeks instead of one day, but houses are selling here. A boat is almost never an appreciating asset and usually the opposite. But who gives a damn if you want a boat. Wouldn't advise putting all your equity into a boat. In fact I'd look to downsize from your current digs so you have something to fall back when your sailing days are over.

Having a few years on you question your choice of a boat. A 48' boat is a lot of boat to handle and a Swan isn't a boat designed for short Handed sailing even for a youngster. Beautiful boat but not one I'd chose unless you are planning to have a permanent crew. They do hold their value better than most as those with the money to buy one usually don't have to worry about saving nickels and can appreciate their quality. Your at an age where tomorrow isn't guaranteed. Waiting for the market to be more favorable could be fatal. Find a good broker who really cares about what you need not the next sale and listen to their advice.

Emmalina 28-04-2020 16:51

Re: Sell my house for a Swan 48?
I don't think asset price comes into it I would say physical condition is the most important factor.

jamhass 28-04-2020 18:54

Re: Sell my house for a Swan 48?
What is it you really want?
If it is "just" a view, there are many ways to get that. Condos, hotels, seasonal rentals, RVs, etc.
If you really want to be on the water, and be "water-mobile" then maybe a boat is for you, but ...
In many ways, a boat is a house that can sink. And there are MANY ways a boat can sink if proper maintenance is not accomplished.
Also, sailing is a pretty physical activity. Are you up for it? Can you get adequate crew?
Finally, don't forget that there are other kinds of boats out there. Power boats often more livability for similar sizes. Houseboats are another option if travelling isn't the main objective.
Find some friends with boats and offer to crew. Local yacht clubs are a great resource.
Good luck and have fun.

LittleWing77 29-04-2020 02:20

Re: Sell my house for a Swan 48?

Listen to a64pilot (Post #2) and Fore and Aft (#5) they are both salty dawgs and know whereof they speak. :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

Good luck,

two-rocks 29-04-2020 05:38

Re: Sell my house for a Swan 48?
This is not a dress rehearsal.
Yes-sell, buy and go.
You will loose money and you will end up dead.
Only one can be influenced, and making money is not guaranteed either.

Saleen411 29-04-2020 07:09

Re: Sell my house for a Swan 48?
Personal choice.....

You can put your house up for sale and see what happens. If you can't get the price you want....don't sell. Nothing wrong with putting your house up for sale....I just wouldn't BUY a house right now as its very possible prices will come down......maybe a lot. I've read 20-30% estimates depending on where you live.

Boats.....if you find a good deal after selling your house, again, go for it. Many opine here that boat prices are indeed coming down and MAYBE this fall would be a good time to buy.

Finally, there is only one can't take it with you. If your dream is to be on the water, then by George, that's what you should do while you still have your health.

My goal is to NEVER regret what I DIDN'T do in life.

Cheers and good luck.

boatman61 29-04-2020 07:18

Re: Sell my house for a Swan 48?
Theres a member on CF with a very nice Oyster just over that size..
Drop Kenomac a PM and see if your house value could cover that.. it comes with a Mediterranean view... :biggrin:

Dsmnswan 29-04-2020 10:33

Re: Sell my house for a Swan 48?
If it doesn’t have to be a Swan 48 then this Swan 46 mk2 is amazing and ready to circumnavigate.

CaptRory 29-04-2020 11:14

Re: Sell my house for a Swan 48?
I would just say as one that has a few thousand miles them, Swann 48's are wonderful sailing machines! But they are a handful and will require a knowledgable skipper. In fact a crew of three or more for any distances. They sail fast, on a significant heel when on the wind, and require attention to steering due to their deep narrow keel. They are greyhounds with a very powerful 70 foot rig and when things happen, they happen fast. It is possible to crash gybe and loose the rig. But if you and your wife consider yourselves somewhat athletic then go for it. If you want to cruise in your retirement, get an Island Packet. Bullet proof, much more forgiving, designed for couple cruising. If you just want a waterfront boat in retirement, pass on the Swann and get a houseboat.

waterman46 29-04-2020 11:56

Re: Sell my house for a Swan 48?
Reading the first few posts referencing the age of the OP, I was beginning to be a little depressed since I am older than the OP and can't do any sailing this year since boat is in another country, but physical condition great so far- knock on wood!
Now, I maintain that any boat that you would want to cruise on, can be single handed. It depends on how and where you want to sail, anchor and moor your boat, and how reliable it all is. Think situations ahead, practice away from the crowd, and take a conservative approach. That's why we don't have a spinnaker on our boat, and we almost never even pole the jib. Keep it simple and safe. We probably motor a bit more than those who want to drift around at 3 knots with a gennaker, but it is just a choice that could go either way. When the wind is up and not dead on the bow, we still sail!

As for physical strength, it really doesn't take more than average physical ability at our age to raise and trim a mainsail and jib even with just manual winches, with a good autopilot in control. There are other considerations regarding offshore cruising and age, but that has little to do with boat selection.

Financially, I would not hesitate to buy a very expensive and more beautiful boat, not a Swan but one more conservatively designed and rigged for ocean cruising, if I wanted to take a chance that I would not need most of my financial resources in the event of serious and long-lasting medical care for either me or my wife, or both of us, in the future. Not depending on the gov. for anything.

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