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Hunterdog 19-02-2020 12:23

Yanmar with zf dock & go
I have 2011 Beneteau Sense 50, Yanmar 75 hp with the ZF marine dock and go system.
For the past 18 months it’s performed perfectly,
Until yesterday, we were motor-sailing, and suddenly very large gusts, and huge following seas hit. I heard a rather horrible sound, something like the engine being pushed by the transmission....if that’s possible. Then it shuttered to a stop.
I restarted in neutral, and the engine sounded fine. But when I re-engages the drive, I didn’t sound right. I shut it down.
After 5 more hours of sailing down the east coast of Fuerteventura , Canaria Spain, I tried to re-start and the engine only clicked.
I tried several times, and finally it sort of coughed and sputtered....never gaining any power. Then it died.
I was lucky to sail to a safe anchorage just in front of morro jabel. Then the guy who operates the ‘pirate-ship’ ( which is an original 1921 beauty btw) very nicely came out and towed me into what is the most comfortable harbor I’ve been in yet!!! So that’s the good news!
Today, a yanmar mechanic came down and analyzed the motor. He thinks the transmission is somehow clamped to the engine and won’t allow it to turn. We can rotate the crank about 1/16 of a rotation

Anyone out there have anything similar happen???

The next step is to try and separate the sail-drive from the engine. This is not going to be pretty...

tunc.aytunc 21-05-2020 00:48

Re: Yanmar with zf dock & go
I also have a 2011 Beneteau with dock&go.
I just wanted to know what happened after? Would you please tell the end of the story. It may be usefuln to other dock&go users...

skipperpete 21-05-2020 04:53

Re: Yanmar with zf dock & go
I followed his post and youtube videos with great interest. One of the conrods had detached from the crankshaft and caused catastrophic damage to the block and the con rod. He bought a new engine and I believe retained the dock and go. You can read the post at “Yanmar 4JH-TE catastrophic failure” if you do a forum search, or look in Hunterdogs profile

tunc.aytunc 21-05-2020 04:55

Re: Yanmar with zf dock & go
Thank you for your response.

Hunterdog 22-05-2020 03:05

Re: Yanmar with zf dock & go

Originally Posted by tunc.aytunc (Post 3144639)
Thank you for your response.

Here’s the link to my page...if you start around episode 12, you’ll be pretty close to the disaster.
New engine is in and working well.

Failure was because of the over-speed due to motor sailing and hitting 13 kts, while capping a swell. Broke the big end bolt
Expensive mistake.
Dock and go was ok. But changed out anyway because the d&g is too tweaky to do world cruising. Too hard to find service and parts. If you are staying close to home, then its fine...

My d&g unit is for sale!!!


tunc.aytunc 22-05-2020 03:59

Re: Yanmar with zf dock & go
Dear Hunterdog
Thank you for your response. Actually I have read the other long topic and saw the video.
Some friends of mine (also with dock and go) changed the transmission to a regular one to get rid off dock and go. But a yanmar transmission asked also fiber work so instead they changed to a regular zf transmission.
Is your new transmission yanmar or zf? And you had to do any fiber work or it sits well to the hole of old zf?
It is useful to know that your dock and go is for sale. I will tell other friends and they can call you if parts needed.
Wish you a nice circumnavigation.

Hunterdog 22-05-2020 04:01

Re: Yanmar with zf dock & go
Used the Yanmar. It was plug and play. I show it pretty well in the videos..d

tunc.aytunc 22-05-2020 04:29

Re: Yanmar with zf dock & go
Ok. Thanks again.
Anyway I have subscribed to your channel now and will be following you.

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