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gbmacca 15-02-2020 20:45

different motors
Well -- looks like the guy who took my 2 Detroit 8v71's has got me over a barrel with my pants down!
He stripped them down - took over $10k for parts and another $5k for labour and is now saying - 'come and pick them up'!
Legal advice says it will cost more to try and recoup monies and as he is 'self employed' - with few assets - the outcome would be $10/week for the rest of my life ---
On advice from mechanics, they suggest looking for other motors as - even if I got the old ones back - in what condition and where are all the parts?!
Keep looking on line for other motors and need 320HP plus with good torque at low revs, as I can't come into the pen at 2500RPM's! Detroits have good torque at low revs.
So, keeping looking on line but to get a matching pair - with boxes - is hard. Does anyone out there - or do they know of anyone who has a couple of suitable motors?
I keep saying to the kids 'you'd better hope I die young - as there is nothing coming in and its all going out' -- so a low price is important.

'Keep on smilin' ---- think I've got lock jaw ----


skipperpete 15-02-2020 22:10

Re: different motors
Why not try the truck wreckers for engines, surely there are some 8-71s around there. Were these the submerged ones of an earlier thread? definitely get your old engines and put em in a storage unit. The gearboxes are a must, especially if they are Twindisc or Allison. If all else fails do a repower but its hard to find an engine small enough to fit where the GMís did for the same HP and torque. Why not get more sedate and downsize to a pair of 6B cummins or a pair of chinese turbo 6 cyl cats.

gbmacca 16-02-2020 18:43

Re: different motors
Hi Skipper Pete

Yes - I'm the guy who blew a hole in his cast iron muffler and she sank.

Have been looking for a matched pair of Detroits - but to no avail.

Will try to get my motors back - especially the boxes - don't have the money for a pair of Cummins and what is this about Chinese Cats.

Will do some research.



skipperpete 16-02-2020 22:33

Re: different motors
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The Catís are 235 Kw at 2100.... 3306 model made under licence from Cat USA . I bought 2 of them for Aud$ 16,000 each but not for marine use. Cummins 6B 5.9 are pretty damned inexpensive too if you shop around online. How much space (front and aft) do you have in the engine room?
Try this guy in the US for GM Detroit parts, he really seems to be the go to guy for these engines Attachment 208952

Fore and Aft 16-02-2020 23:19

Re: different motors
Gbmacca your biggest problem is that your props and engine beds match the motors you already have. To change that is going to cost a few extra dollars. What exactly did you get for $15,000? Maybe itís a good deal if he has done the job right?
I feel your pain regarding getting your money back. I got T-boned by an uninsured pensioner here in Brisbane. I was told I am not allowed to cause him financial hardship so it was looking like I was going to get $15 a week for ever. Lucky after 60 days my insurer Suncorp woke up to themselves and paid me out.

Lepke 17-02-2020 16:10

Re: different motors
If they were my engines, I'd get them back, inventory the parts. See what water damage there is. If you have mostly complete engines they can be rebuilt. The engines probably turned the same way and the rotation changed in the transmission. If so, it doesn't matter what crank goes in what engine. But if the parts are separate, keep them separate. Everything will have to be mic'd. Once you know what you have, an engine kit with the right bearings, sleeves, etc can be made up. I second PC Industries, but there a lot of good places to get Detroit kits. Including Detroit. If there's a Detroit dealer near, my guess is 10-15,000us each to rebuild if you pickup and deliver.

I rebuilt my first Detroit a long time ago with just a service manual and a guy I could call on the radio. But I had done gas engines.
I have a service manual on V-71 engines. If you don't have one, I can mail it to you and you can mail it back. It's beat up so no big deal. But from what I've seen of Australian shipping costs, it may be cheaper to buy one from Detroit. Also if you join ($25us) they have many manuals in PDF that can be downloaded.

RaymondR 17-02-2020 17:08

Re: different motors
Considering your financial constraints about the wisest course of action would be to get them and the parts back, take up motor mechaniking and rebuild them yourself.

denverd0n 18-02-2020 05:46

Re: different motors
Here in the U.S. we have "small claims court." Don't know if you have something equivalent down under. If you do, you won't get all your money back, but you might be able to get something out of it.

Good luck.

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