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EmmaQ 18-12-2019 14:10

Hi there! Nice to meet you
Hello to everyone! I'm a new one here. I'm 39 y.o. woman and I've just started to be interested in sailing. I always loved swimming and diving. Me and my family usually took a boat for one week in summer and made some kind of family cruise on it. We did it every summer and were really pleased)
... I will share with you one secret and you'll understand why I started to love sailing so much. At my 37 I started to feel various of changes in my health... anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc. I went to my therapist and she she diagnosed me perimenopause :confused: I was too much surprised about it. But, what am I all leading for... the real fact is that I've noticed one wonderful feature about me - sailing helps me to cope with the above symptoms. And this is fantastic! Me and my husband are already considering buying our own yacht. Therefore, I am very interested in everything related to sailing.

P.S. Nice to meet you, friends!):flowers::smitten:

tkeithlu 18-12-2019 14:15

Re: Hi there! Nice to meet you
Welcome to the forum, Emma.

JPA Cate 19-12-2019 12:37

Re: Hi there! Nice to meet you
Hi, Emma, welcome aboard CF. One thing about menopause is that every single woman over 60 whom you meet has come to grips with it. One learns to live with the symptoms one has, one way and another. It's not necessarily a rose garden, though. :wink: :redface:

Start with a small sailboat, it doesn't have to be the last one, but just do it easy, and relax and enjoy. As a diver and an active person who likes the out of doors, you should take to it really well.


grantmc 19-12-2019 12:49

Re: Hi there! Nice to meet you
Just as Ann said, buy something small and cheap. You can do a great deal of cruising with a trailer yacht in particular. No mooring fees, no antifouling, can take the motor to the repair shop, simple systems that don't break down, can sleep, cook etc in her on land or water. Weather bad, ok, we'll just pop the boat on the trailer till it clears. Want to take the boat across country, no need for expensive delivery or trucking. And best of all, you learn sailing and boating skills.

GordMay 19-12-2019 13:28

Re: Hi there! Nice to meet you
Greetings and welcome aboard the CF, Emma.

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