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ffighter559 07-12-2019 20:42

Labrador is sick
Long time lurker and in the market for my boat! However I do have an issue that I havenít seen addressed yet! So after 101, 103, and 104, and being on the water a bit, I have a issue that I donít know how to deal with! My 5 year old lab, who loves to swim, will not quit drinking salt water! And his bowels are always messed up terribly, to be polite about it! I would love for my boy to sail with me, however itís becoming a huge issue! Any advice would be more than welcome! I canít make the decision to leave him with someone Instead of sailing with me? Anyone else had the same issue? Please donít flame me, Iím at my wits end!
Thanks ahead of time!

Mike OReilly 07-12-2019 22:05

Re: Labrador is sick
I tried to bring my cat along in this new cruising life. Turns out he got seasick and desperately scared when the boat was rolling. Nothing more pitiful than a seasick cat.

Although it was hard, we decided it was too cruel to subject him to this life. We left him with relatives.

Steve Bean 07-12-2019 22:09

Re: Labrador is sick
Have you consulted with a veterinarian, or vet university?

BugzyCan 07-12-2019 23:27

Re: Labrador is sick
Perhaps you can train him with two bowls of water, one salt, and one fresh. If he goes for the salt water, you tell him no very firmly, and when he drinks the fresh you reward him with a treat. After a while, take him to the ocean, and if he drinks it, you tell him no, but if he doesn't, you give him a treat and be nice to him. Labs are very smart, and I bet he will pick up on this quickly. Good luck.

Also, be sure you always have fresh water for him to drink on the boat.

Curious, where does he pee?

JPA Cate 07-12-2019 23:50

Re: Labrador is sick

Bugzy's method should work. You should also know that drinking salt water is very bad for your Lab's kidneys. You want to deal with it because of the excrement problem; and some might think you need to deal with it because of the health implications. I don't mean to be cruel, but I thought it needed to be stated.


a64pilot 08-12-2019 13:03

Re: Labrador is sick
I think your only hope is to keep the dog out of the water.
Our Lab did the same, she would swim and lap water up occasionally.
Seeing as how she was just simply way to big to be on the boat, we left her with friends. It was much harder on my Daughter than it was for the dog.

ffighter559 08-12-2019 15:05

Re: Labrador is sick
I want to thank everyone for the advice! before i give up, i'll try the two bowl trick. thank you also as I was not aware of the kidney issues. Thanks to all again!

dfelsent 08-12-2019 17:35

Re: Labrador is sick
2 Attachment(s)
Every time she goes deep in the ocean Attachment 204597 she has seriously loose poops.
Nelly is 12 1/2. Not a puppy. The companionway is the issue with the big boat. Too steep. Cockpit only is safe.
Attachment 204598

GordMay 09-12-2019 03:41

Re: Labrador is sick
Greetings and welcome aboard the CF, ffighter.

ffighter559 09-12-2019 07:51

Re: Labrador is sick
Thank you all! As time get closer to my purchase, I will definitely rely on all of the wisdom that everyone here provides!
Thanks again!

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