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MickB 17-11-2019 18:54

Android Tablet or Apple IPad for navigation.
Okay I realise this is very possibly a "Best Anchor Question" or a possible start to WWIII. But here goes, I'm not just looking for opinions but reasons and specific models and Apps as I'm about to upgrade and I might as well get the best. I have a personal preference for Android as here in the Queensland bush Apple phones don't have equivalent range, they are expensive and Apple Stores are few and far between (None north of Brisbane) if you need warranty work.

Tillsbury 17-11-2019 23:19

Re: Android Tablet or Apple IPad for navigation.
At risk of being involved in said wwIII, it seems to me that the advantages of Android are price and the ability to run openCPN (and since it’s available, it would be bonkers to use anything else). However, the android version is not identical to the PC/Mac version but you’d need someone else to explain the differences.

The big advantage of an iPad is that they can be had more easily with bigger high-res screens. The 10.7 and 12” iPad pros have superb displays, and for those of us who like only raster charts they are just as good as using the paper (if not better, because of the great zooming/quilting). Also, you don’t have to shop around because you know you’re getting a high quality product. The downsides of course are price, and that you will need either to buy a professional app that displays government-supplied and commercial maps (e.g. SeaIQ) or use a free-to-download app that requires you to buy its own maps, usually vector-only.

I wouldn’t concern yourself too much with stores, as over here in nz we don’t have a single apple store but still the service is excellent for those rare occasions you need warranty (or non-warranty) work done. They courier you a box and pick up, then ship it back fixed, or you can take it to a local agent.

Your comment that you “might as well get the best” doesn’t fit well with being concerned about expense. If you are on a tight budget and don’t mind smaller less clear screens, that’s great, but you can’t get “the best” pretty much anywhere in life without forking out the folding stuff.

Don’t forget that you can usually recoup a significant proportion of your purchase price on resale with an iPad, which changes the economics somewhat. I upgraded my original iPad Pro after three years and got well over 50% of the cost back, not something you can do with an android tablet.

ranger42c 18-11-2019 04:50

Re: Android Tablet or Apple IPad for navigation.

Originally Posted by MickB (Post 3018004)
I have a personal preference for Android...

I don't think it matters all that much; whichever floats your boat seems to work fine. There seem to be several useful nav (and weather, etc.) apps for each platform, and some developers even have versions for both. I think it's cleaner to have a unit with built-in GPS -- and I think iThings like that are significantly more expensive, but there are also add-on GPS solutions so that's not a huge deal.

FWIW, we use Android tablets as our backups -- they happen to be Samsung Galaxy Tab As -- and I don't see much difference in display quality compared to comparable size iThings.


MickB 18-11-2019 20:07

Re: Android Tablet or Apple IPad for navigation.
Thanks Gents, Ranger that's a good point about the built in GPS. Tillsbury thanks for the thought about a 2nd hand iPad, looking at the Mac store refurbished unit prices I might try both as an experiment. My experience with Mac has been both excellent and bad at different times. I'm typing this on a iMac27 which is our second (Our first died just out of warranty and the quote that took 5 weeks and was 50% of the purchase price) my wife runs a MacBook Pro 15" as well, both mainly for her photography, as you say the graphics are excellent. I had a MacBook Air 13" for a short period when I was consulting so all I needed was internet and Word for report writing. The screen went blank but luckily we still had a Mac Shop in Townsville then and they replaced it in a couple of hours. When I had to go back to serious work I had to have a serious Windows based laptop as none of the mining based programs have Mac versions and the Mac version Excel is pretty lame. Personally I believe quality and value for money by price is not always relevant. Ask any honest Range Rover owner how well their coke can deals with anything but bitumen or hard sand?

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