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Andrew Hamilton 13-11-2019 11:02

New to forum
I'm getting a divorce and I am letting her buy me out of the house. So instead of convention living arrangements I bought a island trader 41(it's not a leaky teaky). Iplan to sail it from NE around up half the loop to Chattanooga TN. My sons are still in highschool there, when they graduate lookouts world. I not really a newby I lived on a 50ft topsail schooner north of Boston 25 years ago in another life. I don't know which forum if right, but what kind of operating licences would I need to do this half loop and park in tenn. for awhile. Radio, Coast Guard, tennessee?

a64pilot 13-11-2019 11:21

New to forum
You will need no license that Iím aware of, I would register the boat with the USCG if itís not already done, and you may have to buy a State registration, which brings you to having to prove taxes have been paid.

If you have an SSB radio you will need both a radio station license for the boat, and a radio telephone license for you to use it. Both are just tax stamps, no knowledge test.

Verify any advice you get on the internet of course, many will mean well, but may be wrong, Tennessee may have some requirement that Iím unaware of for instance.
Wouldnít hurt to look for a live aboard Marina now, I have no idea how prevalent they are in Tennessee

Nicholson58 13-11-2019 11:54

Re: New to forum
Radio station license is free at We$t Marine for use in the US only. We have never been asked for our station license anywhere.

USCG 6-pack or Masters May reduce insurance cost but it is not required.

You will be required to pay sales tax somewhere. Reciprocity usually limits this to not more than where the boat is ‘home’. Most states also charge a water use tax or fee. You only need this at the home state.

GordMay 14-11-2019 03:39

Re: New to forum
Greetings and welcome aboard the CF, Andrew.

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