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Gtstricky 30-10-2019 10:57

ASA School Recommendations
I was able to convince my wife to take ASA 101 with me (in an effort to get her hooked on sailing/cruising). We live near the upper Chesapeake and were able to get into a class earlier this month.

We had a great time but there were some issues and we did not love the boat or the teacher.

She is still interested in 103 and 104. :biggrin:

I am looking for first hand recommendations on great ASA schools. We are willing to travel.


Snore 30-10-2019 11:17

Re: ASA School Recommendations
If he does not see this, message Auspicious. He is up that way and may even still teach.

dannc 30-10-2019 12:27

Re: ASA School Recommendations
We took the 101/103 combined classes at

We were able to stay on their 39 foot boat at night and the class was on their Morgan 31. There is a hotel nearby that is not expensive if you don't want to sleep on the boat or it is not available. The teachers were VERY good, patient and knowledgeable. If we were not understanding with one method or example they would try another until we go it.

Bill is one of the instructors and is a captain on the two cruise to no where gambling ships that you pass going to/from the inlet. Bill really knows his stuff and we were very impressed. You will learn to sail by the tell tails and you will perform the figure 8 MOB until you get it right. :biggrin: He taught most of our classes but we also had Jason for one day. Both are great.

Our only itty bitty complaint was that the heads stunk.

The marina has a really good seafood restaurant too! :thumb: The marina bathrooms and showers were very clean. :thumb:


Rohan 30-10-2019 12:36

Re: ASA School Recommendations
I took my ASA classes through the Pentagon sailing club, which is based in Wash DC area, so not too far from the Chesapeake (you don't have to be military to join, btw). They were wonderful people and very passionate about teaching sailing. I believe all the instructors are volunteers, the fees go only toward the overhead costs.

Sbonder 30-10-2019 12:50

Re: ASA School Recommendations
Try Modern Sailing in Sausalito (near San Francisco). Great trip, lovely location, and a great school/club. i took several classes there and the instructors were great. I sail from there often as a club member. Boats are in great shape. And, of course, you are learning on the San Francisco Bay -one of the best places to sail.

fahtcha 30-10-2019 12:50

Re: ASA School Recommendations
I have been happy with Annapolis Sailing School.

Gtstricky 30-10-2019 16:44

Re: ASA School Recommendations
Thank you all. I will check them out.

sck5 30-10-2019 20:01

Re: ASA School Recommendations
Do your ASA courses in the Virgin Islands! I did them in the Chesapeake but then a friend went a had a great time sailing around the VI during the winter and I wondered why I didnt think of that too. Several of the good schools in the Chesapeake move their boats south in the winter to do this.

Badsanta 27-06-2020 13:25

Re: ASA School Recommendations
Check out the Maryland school of sailing in Rockhall Maryland. Great place.
Also as a couple I would suggest separate classes. Then you can share your separate experiences. Believe me that this will take alot of stress off both of you. You do want her to enjoy this. They have women only classes. Once she's comfortable with saiing. You will both enjoy it more together. You want her to learn to be independent and not intimidated.
I mean no reflection on you. But we found it much easier on us.

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