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Karanga 18-10-2019 13:53

New radar connection
I promise I have read the manual.
I promise I have read as many of the online instructions and discussions I could find.

But I am having no luck connecting a new radar to display in OpenCPN only (no MFD on the boat).

On startup, radar plugin info panal says Navico Halo A initializing, but doesn't go any further.

Radar is Navico Halo24.
OpenCPN 5+
Radar plugin 5
Windows 10 laptop.
RJ45 ethernet connection (no interface).
OpenGL is checked (but greyed out).
Boat position, true heading NOT checked, but greyed our.
Start/stop button is greyed out.

Radar is on. Status light on rear blinks slowly, indicating normal operation plus open connection.
Windows says network connection is valid, as unknown and no Internet.
Firewall has been set to allow comms.
Radar plugin has been installed and radar type selected as Navico Halo A.
New connection added as network.
Tried TCP and UDP protocol, with as address and port 10110
Tried autoconfig IPv4 address of

I assume that I have not created the network connection properly (the usual problem). But I don't know what other options to select.

Any suggestions to try, please?


Karanga 21-10-2019 16:29

Re: New radar connection
1 Attachment(s)
Log fileAttachment 201911

Karanga 21-10-2019 18:24

Re: New radar connection
I think my log file attachment did not load correctly. I thought changing the suffix to pdf would work, but it looks like not.
So I renamed it as a txt file and tried to upload it.
That failed, because the file (at only 64kb!) is bigger than the 1000 bytes allowed.

These forum rules are *so* not user-friendly!!

Karanga 21-10-2019 20:11

Re: New radar connection
1 Attachment(s)
Maybe, just maybe, I can get an attachment to load this time, so that an expert can help me connect my radar by analysing the log fileAttachment 201916

Recy 22-10-2019 11:26

Re: New radar connection
I think it would be better to post this in the Open CPN forum.

Karanga 24-10-2019 06:09

Re: New radar connection
Just to close this off...
I have had discussions directly with Hakan, who has liaised with Douwe.

I managed to get the Halo A (24) working by trying to initialise it many times over as one of the older Navico units. This returned a real address, which Douwe incorporated into an opencpn.ini file.
After several repeated attempts and crashes of O5, I have now got both Navico Halo A and Halo B operating fully.

I am continuously amazed and humbled by the expertise and helpfulness of members of this forum!


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