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dkall 01-01-2009 09:19

GalleyWare Problem
Any Galleyware users out there.

I have the dishes that have the little round feet. Two feet have come off on two different plates. I've emailed Galleyware twice and received no reply.

I tried glueing on on w/ silicone and it fell back off rather quickly.

It is a rubber foot and the Galleyware is some type of plastic.

Any recommendations on what type of glue to use?


AnchorageGuy 01-01-2009 09:30

We have found Goop or Gorilla glue will work when a lot of others will not. The feet are probably a silicone product which is why silicone won't hold since it won't stick to itself. A good contact cement might also work. The other thing you can do is take all of the feet off and run a bead of silicone around the ridge on the bottom of the plate. As soon as it is starting to dry and skins over sit it on a piece of wax paper to level it out.

dkall 01-01-2009 14:29

I'll maybe try the Goop or Gorilla, even the contact cement. Can't do the silicone ring cause each foot sits in a molded ring and I'm not about to sand 5/ plate off.

Hud3 01-01-2009 14:36

Another approach is to buy a roll or two of a rubber-like waffled material that is sold at WalMart and other places. I asked The Admiral if she remembered the name of it, and she didn't--sorry! It's about 18" wide, and when placed under plates, etc. on the table top, pretty much eliminates skidding. It's also great for wrapping around things that will shift, rattle and clank on passages.

GordMay 01-01-2009 14:46

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Neither have I a propper name for it; but it's used as a shelf or fridge liner.

Hud3 01-01-2009 14:51

That's it, Gord! And, it comes in numerous designer colors, for those who like to color coordinate the boat! :D

MidLandOne 01-01-2009 16:53

The one of similar structure to that Gord shows goes under the product name of "Slip-Stop" here. The is another here which is thinner and more closed (so easier to clean) under the product name of "Miracle Grip".

We also use some whose name I don't recall which is very thin and of a close spiderwebby type "knit" which is very non skid indeed.

All come in rolls as well as as cut placemats etc.

rodney_k 01-01-2009 17:59

I have the same Galleyware and the same problem with the feet. I've tried everything to glue the feet back including Goop without much success. The best glue so far has been plain old clear household glue made by Locktite and sold at Walgreens, Longs, etc here on the west coast. I have some gorilla glue and will try that next.

Mariposa 20-01-2009 00:17

Contact cement might work.

dkall 20-01-2009 06:27

Looks like I have a fix. I used J B Weld (Part number 8365-S). So far it appears to be holding great. I lightly sanded with 100 grit sandpaper the rupper bumber to make sure all the old adheasive was off and then sanded too inside the place where the bumper fit (Used a fingernail emory board for this part). Cleaned both pieces off with Alcohol and let dry. Mixed up some J B Weld and placed about a drop or a little less inside the mold for the rubber piece. Pressed on and let sit over night. I left a little bit on the ridge so I would know which one I did it to and after a day tried to scrap it off w/ my fingernail. Adheared really well. So far everything seems to be hunky dory!

Captain Bill 20-01-2009 08:10

In the old days in the shrimp boat we would wet a paper towel and spread it out on the table and place the plate on top of it. Even in a 12 foot sea rolling 40+ degrees the plates stayed put.

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