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Paul_Carroll 01-09-2019 08:04

$GPGLL not good for a fix?
I am a long time user of OpenCPN and think that something has gotten changed in the code pertaining to an established GPS fix/location. I have two sources for GPS data, one from my AIS, the other from an older Furuno GPS. Before I owned the AIS, the Furuno was my primary GPS system. The then current version of OpenCPN would accept the $GPGLL sentence from the Furuno and give me a location fix on the chart. Green ball in the satellite icon in the upper right. Since I got the AIS, I haven't used the Furuno at all, and it is turned off, but kept in the system as a "backup".
Now, running OpenCPN v.5, if I turn off the AIS (which sends and RMC sentence) and turn on the Furuno, even though it is sending a $GPGLL message, this no longer seems to be adequate for OpenCPN to establish a position and show a green ball in the satellite icon. I have tried turning off the require checksum just to see if that was the problem, to no avail.
Anybody else having problems with establishing a fix using just the GLL sentence? Any ideas of how to resolve?

bdbcat 01-09-2019 18:33

Re: $GPGLL not good for a fix?

Do you see the GPGLL sentence in the NMEA debug window?


rooiedirk 01-09-2019 22:51

Re: $GPGLL not good for a fix?
There is an undocumented feature in the config file: "UseNMEA_GLL"
Is there someting like "UseNMEA_GLL=0" in your configuration?

Paul_Carroll 02-09-2019 06:25

Re: $GPGLL not good for a fix?
Yes, I can see the GPGLL in the NMEA debug window.
I don't think that would be set in my config file, but will have to check when next at the boat. I certainly never set it, and just did a vanilla install of v.5.0

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