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StoneCrab 25-07-2019 16:06

Re: 5-Year USCG COD Anomaly??
I get a renewal notice every year.

Chuck34 25-07-2019 16:34

Re: 5-Year USCG COD Anomaly??

Originally Posted by StoneCrab (Post 2939048)
I get a renewal notice every year.

Do you get the notice from the real CG Doc office or a doc service that charges $75 to renew...or both.

Joe Abbott 25-07-2019 18:31

Re: 5-Year USCG COD Anomaly??
This Was Our 2019 USCG COD Renewal Process.

We first went to the National Vessel Documentation Center (NVDC) website and downloaded and reviewed the new submission requirements contained in a PDF file titled, Certificate Of Documentation Application For Renewal (NVDCINST 16713). The instructions were pretty clear - the online website was to be used ONLY for a 1-year COD renewal; the 5-year COD renewal required the submission of approved USCG forms available on their website.

We downloaded the following PDF files from the NVDC Instructions and Forms webpage.

We easily filled out the CG-1280 Renewal of Certificate of Documentation form in a few minutes - it has detailed instructions printed right on the form.

When we filled out the CG-7042 Credit Card Form, we followed the requirements identified in the PDF file titled, Certificate Of Documentation Application For Renewal (NVDCINST 16713). On the CG-7042 form, in section L. INDICATE SERVICE REQUIRED, we checked the block "Application for Renewal $26.00". We also checked the block "Other" and filled in the entry fields as follows: Other __2-5 YEAR RENEW__ Amount $ 104.00_. This results in block I. AMOUNT OF CHARGE being filled in as $130.00. The rest of the form CG-7042 was filled out as required.

Both filled out forms, CG-1280 and CG-7042, were scanned and made into an single PDF file. This PDF file was attached to an email and sent to the NVDC at email address per the instructions in PDF file, Filing of Instruments via .pdf/Fax/Mail.

More of what we did is at:

Lost Horizons 25-07-2019 21:35

Re: 5-Year USCG COD Anomaly??

Originally Posted by letsgetsailing3 (Post 2938493)
The Certificate itself is valid for one year.

It can be extended to last up to five years.

What's the issue?

This is a LOT better than having to do a renewal every year.

Do you work for the government?

letsgetsailing3 25-07-2019 22:16

Re: 5-Year USCG COD Anomaly??

Originally Posted by Lost Horizons (Post 2939168)
Do you work for the government?

No. But I agree with bauer965. It appears to me that they changed the policy, but didn't redo the form, probably because they already have a bulk of them printed.

Joe Abbott 31-07-2019 13:14

Re: 5-Year USCG COD Anomaly??
The response from NVDC as follows:

Subject: [Non-DoD Source] RE: Clarification of 5-Year USCG COD

Dear Mr. Abbott,

As a vessel owner, you are aware, the expiration date for the COD is on the front left corner and for the INDRA, ON 600692, expires March 31, 2024. All law enforcement personnel are educated and trained on our documents and should there be a question, the NVDC will be engaged to make a determination of validity. If you explore our website, you will see under Latest News that we have information regarding the multi-year renewal.

The Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2018, signed into law Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2018 includes a provision which allows recreational Certificate of Documentation (COD) holders the ability to select a multi-year document (1-5 years) during an implementation period designated as January 1, 2019-December 31, 2021, after which a five-year document (recreational vessels only) will become automatic. Establishing a change of this proportion is a complex request that cannot be performed instantaneously. It requires multiple changes in all areas of work to including the computer system, forms, regulations, and other requirements. Most of these changes have not been made because of lack of funding, working with other Agencies or complications to the computer programming required. We also have approximately a 3 year supply of forms and we have made the decision to continue to use in order to use taxpayer money wisely, and the one year requirement still applies to all commercial vessels. Most of the changes required to execute this are still outstanding and are being addressed during the implementation period outlined above.

This is a recreational vessel, carrying no passengers, engaging in no trade. You should experience no complications on this minor annoyance as long as you follow the laws in your area. The Coast Guard and local law enforcement agencies, including state, are well versed in our laws and regulations (46 CFR 67) and knowing what to look for on the COD. As I said before, the NVDC is the authority should any questions of the validity of the COD arise.

Please be assured your COD is valid until March 31, 2024, as long as there are no changes regarding the vessel, name tonnage, dimensions, propulsion, ownership, hailing port, restrictions, entitlements, remarks and endorsements. Address changes must be reported to the NVDC immediately. Although you will not be required to certify to that fact on an annual basis for renewal, you are still bound to that requirement to insure your COD remains valid. The informational paragraphs on the back of the COD are not a barrier to the validity nor contain information regarding the specifics of the vessel.

Laura C. Campbell
Chief, Data Management & Administration Division
National Vessel Documentation Center
U.S. Coast Guard
Department of Homeland Security
Phone: 304-271-2400
Fax: 304-271-2405

Our guidance/advice is predicated only upon the information as submitted. If that information proves imprecise or incorrect or changes materially, our guidance/advice may change. We provide definitive guidance relative to vessel documentation only upon the presentation of materials in accordance with the regulations found in 46 CFR Subpart 67.
__________________________________________________ ________

Subject: [Non-DoD Source] RE: Clarification of 5-Year USCG COD
Importance: High

FYI, Sir/Ma’am

When reviewing the reverse side of our new 5-year USCG COD, noticed something a little strange in the "fine print. It states, " This certificate is valid for one year." While the USCG COD is a legal document and I'm no lawyer, wonder which statement takes legal precedent, the front side which has dates indicating valid for 5 years or the reverse side which states it valid for one year?

Is there any official statement or clarification on this discrepancy?

Joe Abbott
SV Indra COD 600692

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