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keepondancin 07-07-2019 13:16

Re: Best brand of portable gas tanks
Just tried an older cap on the crap WM tank, and the threads on the WM tank are too short for the old cap. Turned it upside down, and leaked immediately. I need another fuel tank, not jerry jugs. I am fortunate enough to have a very good supply of diesel jugs, the good kind that have vents and simple spouts. The dinghy gas tank is the problem. I am finding less and less knowledgable people in the three marine stores near where my boat is now. Frustrating. And reading about the pressure build up in the tank and hose, then pressurizing the carb is just stupid. The WM near me is absolutely the worst. I usually will pay a little more at another shop, that won't, or can't price match. At WM you either get a wise ass, or the deer in the headlights blank look.

a64pilot 07-07-2019 14:53

Best brand of portable gas tanks
You need a dinghy fuel tank, order one off of Amazon that is not CARB compliant, easy to tell by looking at it.
Just me but I think CARB compliant tanks and jugs do the opposite of why they are supposed to, only way I can use one is the jiggle siphon which doesnít work to fill a Honda generator.
Iím looking for a way to do that, but I guess I could take this 6gl dinghy tank I have now and use it with an extended run fuel cap on the Honda and refill it from a 5 gl can and a jiggle siphon.

keepondancin 07-07-2019 15:27

Re: Best brand of portable gas tanks
Don't think that would work, when you read the reviews, the complaint quite often is that the tank isn't what was in the picture. I am just going to get a brand name, probably Moeller, rather than a made for, for a price, one from WM. You don't even get what you pay for with WM, their branded stuff is only slightly less than brand names, and if shopped properly, higher in price. And yes, in the world where people use the CARB jugs and thing every day, we all say the same thing, basically spilling more than the old style. And the plastic tanks and hoses allowed vapors to permeate out, let's worry about larger things than that, and I am a climate change believer. I just look at weather, coral bleaching, algae growth, fish die off, weather patterns, etc.

esarratt 01-08-2020 10:34

Re: Best brand of portable gas tanks

Originally Posted by Jammer (Post 2925453)
For small outboards, I get the old 6 gallon metal OMC ones (1960-late 1970s), and repair them if necessary. Most of the parts are still available, and they far outperform the new ones. Though they long predate CARB, they are a pressurized design. They will not balloon up or leak, as long as the valves and cap are in good condition.

3 gallon ones also exist but they are hard to find.

I found a 3 gallon OMC tank. Are they worth buying? If so, why?

Jammer 01-08-2020 18:54

Re: Best brand of portable gas tanks
If you buy one today it will last longer than a new plastic tank that you buy today.

Most parts are available.

You will have to deal with the Johnson/Evinrude connector and make a hose with that on one end and whatever connector your motor uses on the other end. You will have to clean out the tank and probably replace the gaskets and o-rings in the fuel outlet assembly. You will also have to replace the filler cap.

Is it worth it? Depends on your point of view.

esarratt 02-08-2020 12:47

Re: Best brand of portable gas tanks

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