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Kolomaya 12-05-2019 05:08

GME AIS Reprogram MMSI number
Hi, any help on how to program my own mmsi number into the AIS on the boat I purchased or should I just buy a new one?


pjShap 12-05-2019 05:15

Re: GME AIS Reprogram MMSI number
When I bought a boat a couple of years ago I kept the MMSI number so no reprogramming required. It might have required an additional form filed by the previous owner with the FCC, but I don't remember. Worth checking into. Otherwise the AIS has to be reprogrammed by either a certified technician or the manufacturer.

Kolomaya 12-05-2019 05:26

Re: GME AIS Reprogram MMSI number
Thanks, I have been trying to find the GME manufacturer online but can't find anything.

There isn't a technician where I am. I have also tried to find an AIS technician online who I could send it into but can't find one. This leads me to believe not many people are reprogramming mmsi numbers into old AIS units.

I am trying to get into Phuket. I know that they require one. What if I don't change the mmsi and just enter port under the old name and mmsi of the previous owner. Any thoughts.


pjShap 12-05-2019 07:12

Re: GME AIS Reprogram MMSI number
Is this your AIS unit, GME AIST120?
Their link to documents and manuals comes up empty for me, but maybe there is some useful contact info.

Username25 12-05-2019 07:50

Re: GME AIS Reprogram MMSI number
What is your exact unit model?

Page 23: 2. Configuration using proAIS2
Providing it is acceptable to do so under your local legislation it is possible to configure your AIS transceiver yourself using the proAIS2 software provided with the product.

Page 24: "If you need to change the MMSI for any reason, please contact your dealer who will arrange to have the MMSI reset."

Contact the company, tell them you are in some remote location and they should give you instructions how to access hidden menu to reset all data. On WatchMate XB8000 it took 10 minutes to change MMSI.

P.S. It seems proAIS2 you can get here

sail sfbay 12-05-2019 11:35

Re: GME AIS Reprogram MMSI number
According to BoatUS, who administers MMSI numbers )contact below) the MMSI number is boat specific, i.e., stays with the boat. If you know the MMSI number then you can request BoatUS to change it over to you. After I purchased my new to me sailboat recently I could not confirm the MMSI number in the 14-year old fixed VHF radio. Moreover, BoatUS could not confirm the MMSI number that was registered to the previous owner. Since I wanted my handheld and fixed VHF radios to have the same MMSI number I replaced the fixed one with a new Horizon GX2200 VHF radio (has an AIS receiver and GPS). I then obtained a new MMSI number for the new boat and programmed it into both VHF radios.

Midnight Son 12-05-2019 16:18

Re: GME AIS Reprogram MMSI number
Boat US only does US boats that do not leave the States. OP is in Thailand, if I read the post properly.

Emouchet 14-05-2019 06:58

Re: GME AIS Reprogram MMSI number
The ProAIS software can be use to reprogram most class B AIS devices, as they almost use the same chipset internally.

Once the connection with the AIS device is established, simply fill in the few dialog boxes with boat name, MMSI, boat length and width as well as optional antenna position in the boat. Click Save and this is it.

ProAIS can be download from the web with a Google search.
You will need a USB or RS232 connection to the AIS device.

Be carefull: Certain AIS device does not like getting power from both USB port and regular power bus. This will damage the device. Read the ****ing manual about this before you plug into a computer USB port (personal experience!).

Kolomaya 17-05-2019 23:12

Re: GME AIS Reprogram MMSI number
Thanks, to all I will look into this and let you know what happens.

Appreciate the input.

gaucho 17-05-2019 23:26

Re: GME AIS Reprogram MMSI number
Try the commands (in raw mode from ProAIS) found on this link

Yacht Electronics: SRT proprietary AIS commands

This will only work with old units. It either works or it doesn't. If it doesn't you are left to the stupidity of niche manfucaturers being watchdogs of a system such as MMSI ...

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