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Ian Johnson 15-04-2019 16:46

Windrush 23
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Hi all, just joined up as I am interested to gather information about a particular sail boat you may or may not be familiar with. I owned it back in early 80's and now want to build a scale model of it for my grand children.
It was a Windrush 23, very similar to the Hood 23. (see attached)

Hope you can assist.

Regards ...Ian

TrentePieds 16-04-2019 10:29

Re: Windrush 23
Hello Ian,

What precisely is it you are looking for? A lines drawing for the Windrush 23?

If so I doubt that you will find one, so it is unlikely that you will ever be able to build a "museum quality" model, but I doubt that that would be what you are intending to do if the model is intended as a toy for your grandchildren.

Working from what little data is available, your own photos and stuff from HolyMotherInternet by way of photos and arrangement drawings such as the link below, I could probably help to get you on the right track.

Get back to me by PM if you are interested :-)



Ian Johnson 16-04-2019 14:53

Re: Windrush 23
Thank you for replying to my request on Windrush 23.
There is a myriad of info on the Hood 23 but there are some distinct features of the Windrush that differ. Keel, bulkheads, port holes, rudder etc. Still looking.


Ian Johnson 16-04-2019 14:57

Re: Windrush 23
Thank you for replying to my request on Windrush 23.
There is a myriad of info on the Hood 23 but there are some fistinct features of the windrush that differ.
Still looking.


TrentePieds 16-04-2019 15:27

Re: Windrush 23
I turned your picture right way up [such a pain being north of the line, eh :-)?] and enlarged it. There is enuff data in it that you can develop a shear plan with a view to building a "bread and butter" hull, at say 1 inch to the foot scale, that will be so convincing that no-one will know you hadn't a full lines drawing :-) For a model for the kiddies, that should suffice. But be warned - you could get hooked on this sort of thing :-)!

A lot depends, of course, on how familiar you are with the draughtman's craft as exercised in days of yore, and on how accomplished a woodworker you are, and on what tools you have available. There are several good articles and YouTube clips to be had by asking the all-knowing Ms.Google. As for getting out a lines drawing, if you don't know the techniques, I can explain it to you. This drawing can be fairly rudimentary, for if you use the B&B method for making the hull, the glue lines will give you a wonderful visual guide to making and keeping the hull fair as you carve it. Particularly if you make the "lifts" (the laminations of boards) vertical so the glue lines in the hull blank coincide with the "buttock" lines on the drawing.

Anyway - don't let lack of drawings stop you. You can make your own and once you've got the basic dimensions down on paper [vellum, actually :-)] the detail will fill in quite easily and rapidly from stuff you can remember about your own boat and from things you can deduce as the drawing develops.

If I can help further, don't hesitate to ask.


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