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wkearney99 01-03-2019 08:39

Getting Mastervolt data onto N2K network?
I've got a Mastervolt Masterbus network on my boat. I'd like to get some of the battery data displayed onto a Maretron DSM410 that's up on the flybridge. I already have an Mastervolt Easy View 5 display at the lower helm and don't particularly want/need to put another one up on the flybridge.

What's the difference between the 77031800 Masterbus to NMEA-2000 interface and the 80-911-0072-00 Masterbus to Czone bridge?

Both appear to accomplish something of what I'm after, getting Masterbus data accessible on an N2K network. Can a CZone bridge like this be directly connected to a 'regular' NMEA-2000 network? Or is there some magic proprietary pixie dust that makes it necessary to have something else involved?

udyy 24-05-2019 09:33

Re: Getting Mastervolt data onto N2K network?
The mastervolt czone connects into the czone network which is a separate segment of the n2k network and connects via czone to n2k bridge.

Maldwin 16-11-2019 12:35

Re: Getting Mastervolt data onto N2K network?
I am building a Seawind 1190 Sport, and trying to decide wether to put a CZone on board. It sounds great, but I am afraid of regretting it when I am in some remote location, and nobody can fix it. Any advice?
Many thanks,

udyy 16-11-2019 14:37

Re: Getting Mastervolt data onto N2K network?
I did find the digital switching very beneficial both from the simplicity of the wiring and the detailed information which allow to pinpoint problems and even predict. On the other hand there is a learning curve and not every skipper can, or is willing to dive into it. Some technophobs or old timers are really intimidated.
I did not have any real issues with the system. Most if the issues i had were configuration related all due to design and installation mistakes by the yacht builder and his installers. I have been sailing 3 years in east Africa and Madagascar so you would not expect to find experts there nor there are agents of MV. I always got good professional advices from mastervolt in the Netherlands and their south African agent. everything was solved remotely via internet.
I do not know Seawind beyond boat show short visit and videos. They seem to be very thorough and knowledgeable. Since they did few boats with czone i suppose they already know what they are doing. In any case you can ask experienced people or MV to review and inspect.
In retrospect, I would surely install it again. I would be more critical when reviewing the design.

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