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tallboy 26-11-2008 07:41

dagger rudders
Dagger rudders seems to a simple and efficient solution for light weight and smaller multihulls. When you have daggerboards also the boat can easy fell dry for under bottom maintanence. I guess they're also simple to maintain and repair because everything can be done above the water.
I'm thinking about installing them on a new cat project but I'd like to gain some experience from builders/users.
Anybody willing to share?

sandy daugherty 26-11-2008 07:57

The challenge with dagger rudders is to control venting from the surface. As you turn, water flowing over the lea side of the rudder pulls air down the full span of the rudder, dramatically reducing its effectiveness, and creating much more drag for a given amount of steering power. This is why big daggerboard cats have fixed spade rudders. Balanced spade rudders require the least amount of steering effort, making autopilots possible.

tallboy 26-11-2008 10:09

Thanks Sandy.
I've seen dagger rudders on huge proas and windvane selfsteering is more efficient with non-hydraulic steering systems. Nowadays things getting more and more complicated which is very comfortable - but when they fail......

44'cruisingcat 27-11-2008 05:19

I have lifting spade rudders. They will also kick-up on impact, hopefully avoiding damage. Simple and light system, but I did opt for hydraulic steering - I want multiple helm stations, and hydraulics are the easiest way to do this. There's a photo of the rudder and cassette here:

ejlindahl 27-11-2008 10:53

There is 40' aluminum cat for sale on Bainbridge Island, Wa. that has kick up rudders inset into the transom step. Search yachtworld for cats in the Pacific NW. It should turn up. The broker is very nice and might share what he knows. I think its a one off.

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