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Boracay 21-11-2008 01:20

Running in oil...
I have had my John Deere 4045 for just over a year now and I've only put 30 hours on it. The oil looks really clean.

I know I should change the oil but the oil supplied for running in was 30W and I can't get straight 30W easily in Oz. All my local had was 10W-30W.

So, do I really need to change the oil/filters/fuel filters etc? And could I just run the engine up to 100 hours (another year?) and change the oil then?

ajman 21-11-2008 02:25

1) Yes, you need to change your oil/filters now. Lightly used engines can be more demanding on motor oil as moisture builds up and contaminates the oil. The same holds true for the fuel system.

2) 10W-30W should be fine (or even preferable) as, by definition, it will give you the cold start lubrication advantage of a lighter weight 10W oil, with the higher heat/load protection of a 30W oil. But, I would run it by John Deere just to be sure.

GordMay 21-11-2008 02:46

John Deere Break-In Oil:
Frontier Power Products - Deere Break-In Oil


* John Deere Break-in Oil has a 100 hour maximum drain interval.
* After the break-in period, use John Deere PLUS-50 or other diesel engine oil as recommended in the engine's Operator's Manual

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