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Suijin 22-12-2018 05:40

Balmar alternator repair help please!
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My tachometer has been working intermittently ever since I installed a new Balmar alternator with external regulator a few years ago. Problem was finally traced to the post for the connection between the stator and the regulator. Cracked the case and am a bit mystified by what’s revealed. Pen tip in the picture below is pointing to a ring terminal that is just “laying” against the post plate. Can anyone tell me how this is supposed to be attached/configured? Almost looks like a manufacturing flaw.

Combed the net for any info and found nothing.

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hellosailor 22-12-2018 14:22

Re: Balmar alternator repair help please!
Certainly looks like some just didn't install the terminal properly, but after this many years, it would be very generous of Balmar to fix it as a manufacturing defect.

More likely, it just needs to be properly screwed down someplace and that will solve the problem?

EngNate 22-12-2018 22:03

Re: Balmar alternator repair help please!
does the terminal have two varnished solid wires like the windings? If so it would be one of the stator winding connections. There are three such connections, each going to a pair of the six rectifiers. The tach connection is to (any) one of these

NYSail 23-12-2018 00:17

Re: Balmar alternator repair help please!
Did you call balmar and discuss? Dale in the tech department is very helpful and I am sure he can advise you. As mentioned might be just attach. But I am wondering how it has stayed in place all these years if it’s just “laying” there.


thereefgeek 23-12-2018 07:52

Re: Balmar alternator repair help please!
Definitely get ahold of Balmar and ask if this is normal.
Probably should've done that a few years ago when you first noticed the tach issue.
Either way, they can warrantee it out, or at least fix it for you at less than the cost of a new alternator.

Suijin 23-12-2018 09:51

Re: Balmar alternator repair help please!
Took this long to figure out because I did not really need the tach. I know the rpm ranges I use by sound.

So went ahead and soldered the connection. May not like vibration; all the other posts have rivet connections. Will fix it properly if the solder ever breaks.

NYSail 23-12-2018 10:09

Re: Balmar alternator repair help please!
Does it now work

Suijin 23-12-2018 10:55

Re: Balmar alternator repair help please!
Not installed yet lol. Will not have it in until Wednesday. I’m fairly certain it will; appears to be a manufacturing defect that worked (intermittently) and passed testing as it was generally in contact.

pitlaw 23-12-2018 11:28

Re: Balmar alternator repair help please!
I am sure you already know this but Pasco Battery off West St in Annapolis is a Balmar authorized rebuilder. They could surely look at it and advise.

guyrj33 23-12-2018 14:41

Re: Balmar alternator repair help please!
Solder will break in time.

GoAway 24-12-2018 07:03

Re: Balmar alternator repair help please!
If you do call Balmar or take it to Pasco, please let us know what they say. I also have a Balmar alternator and occasionally, my tach stops working briefly. It happens shortly after starting engine and I have always attributed it to somewhat low voltage (although never below 60% SOC) at that time. Perhaps there is another cause.

EngNate 24-12-2018 09:52

Re: Balmar alternator repair help please!
It is quite common to temporarily lose the tach signal when a multi-stage regulator switches to float. The voltage setting has just been dropped and the battery is higher than the setting at that point so the alternator goes completely off for a time. Turn some accessory loads on and it will come back more quickly.

GoAway 24-12-2018 10:06

Re: Balmar alternator repair help please!
How clever EngNate. I would have never thought of that, but it sure makes sense. Thanks

Suijin 04-01-2019 07:51

Re: Balmar alternator repair help please!
Problem solved, so the post was the issue.

A mechanic friend end of mine mentioned that this is a common problem (aside from the specific cause of mine which appeared to be a manufacturing defect) caused by over tightening the nut on the stator contact without putting another wrench on the retaining but. He sees them broken inside with some regularity.

Balmars have a feature to keep the tach working when the charging voltage drops so that should not be an issue other than a momentary lapse.

LittleWing77 04-01-2019 08:06

Re: Balmar alternator repair help please!
Thanks very much for the resolution post, Suijin. I was following this, as I'm seeking to broaden my tech knowledge.

Happy New Year!

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