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Nelson01 30-11-2018 15:26

Spain or Croatia
Hi to all,first post on this forum

Will be taking delivery of a new to us sailboat in the med.

We have a choice of taking delivery in Croatia or Spain.We are wondering were is best place for tradesmen and equipment .

Would love to hear your comments.:smile:

boatman61 30-11-2018 16:17

Re: Spain or Croatia
Spain.. :thumb:

gmakhs 30-11-2018 16:22

Re: Spain or Croatia
Croatia is expensive and doesn't give much .
Spain is wonderful with the worst technicians in Europe .
I would prefer Spain .

Kenomac 30-11-2018 16:40

Re: Spain or Croatia

Tricolor 01-12-2018 10:40

Re: Spain or Croatia
Definitely Italy, with the present communist government you might even receive a state paid minimum income. .

Kenomac 01-12-2018 11:42

Re: Spain or Croatia

Originally Posted by Tricolor (Post 2772611)
Definitely Italy, with the present communist government you might even receive a state paid minimum income. .

You might want to check your knowledge of more recent Italian history.... the conservatives took control of their government six months ago after a majority of Italians citizens got sick of the immigrant issues.

Basically, they elected their very own Italian “Trump.”

Regarding shipbuilding and repairs.... having personally experienced Spain, USA, UK, Croatia and Italy, Italy shines high above the rest for top quality repairs done on time with superior products at very reasonable prices. Most notably in Italy, an experienced journeyman will show up on time to do the work, rather than what’s more commonly done in other countries where some village idiot who’s learning how to do things ”on the job” strolls in on the wrong day and you pay even if the dope can’t fix it.

Tricolor 01-12-2018 22:29

Re: Spain or Croatia
Yep, you right. .. still these countries make me draem of a soon NEXIT!!!

Kenomac 01-12-2018 22:55

Re: Spain or Croatia
Croatia also has good repairmen, but prices are higher than Italy. Good reliable repairmen can also be found in Spain, provided you ask the marina manager for local help so you can bypass going through the expensive do-nothing English middle men.

And don’t even get me started on US, Mallorca and UK repairs where prices are 2-3 times the Italian prices... especially the UK.:rolleyes:

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