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gjordan 21-11-2018 18:08

Member Paul Kotzebue???
Does anyone know if Paul Kotzebue is still in business as a designer? His web site seems to not want to load. I know he used to be on this forum but the search feature doesnt locate him. I have a set of steel boat plans that I would like to return to him. Any help will be appreciated. ____Grant.

GordMay 22-11-2018 05:47

Re: Member Paul Kotzebue???
Paul Kotzebue’s ( Last CF Activity was: 10-11-2013
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gjordan 22-11-2018 09:49

Re: Member Paul Kotzebue???
Thanks Gord, I had already tried the and nothing comes up. I had him do plans for a 40 foot radius chine steel sloop back in 1979 but I didnt build it. I just ran across the plans and wanted to return them rather than selling them. I dont know the legalities of selling the plans, I used to own a Peterson 44 and I know Doug Peterson had his design ripped off by a number of yards. I didnt think that was right. Someone will probably chime in and know if Paul is still in business. ____Grant.

GordMay 22-11-2018 10:05

Re: Member Paul Kotzebue???
Paul R Kotzebue, Pe
1483 Avenida La Posta
Encinitas, CA 92024
Phone: (619) 227-1447
1356 Pacific Beach Dr. San Diego, CA 92109

Old Email ? ➥

Evidently, he worked for a time with SWATH OCEAN SYSTEMS in San Diego. SWATH OCEAN still has an office in Washington DC area. If you google them, and call up the office some folks there (try Dick Holcomb or Bob Lamb) might have contact details for him.
Or you could try DOUG SHARP (of SHARP DEFEVER) in San Diego. He would have had some contact with PK in the late 1980s/early 90s.

FWIW: Paul R. Kotzebue, PE
Mechanical Engineer, CA License M32745


... I just ran across the plans and wanted to return them rather than selling them..
Good on ya!

gjordan 23-11-2018 17:55

Re: Member Paul Kotzebue???
Gord, You are the greatest. I will try to get in touch with him Monday by phone and if that doesnt work I will send a letter. I really liked working with him and would like to return the plans. Thanks again. ____Grant.

Jim Cate 23-11-2018 20:31

Re: Member Paul Kotzebue???
None of my biz, but I'm curious (once again). I thought when you bought plans, they usually stipulated that only one boat should be built from them without additional royalty payments being made (if royalty is the correct term).

If that is true, and you did not build, then I'd think you could sell them onward with no ethical breach.



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