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Hakalau 03-11-2018 00:39

Wind generator shutoff
Greetings from Hakalau to this wonderful forum.
My wind generator’s automatic brake wore out during a windstorm. The batteries were full and the windspeed was 35 knots sustained. The generator was testing the limits of it’s panel mounted charge controller. The charge controller’s built-in cooling fan was working hard. The controller was still almost smoking hot.
I had to make a bold move and reach behind the spinning propeller with a boat-hook to turn the machine broadside to the wind to stop it. Then I dropped a rope over it’s tail to keep it broadside.
My question is: Can I install a breaker between the generator and it’s charge controller to simply stop the flow of electricity?
Would this cause harm ? The wind generator website is:
The manufacturer has not been helpful with “field repairs” questions like mine.
I realize the unit should be shipped to the mfg for authorized repairs, but the shipping and “re-import” costs are prohibitive.
Thanks in advance for any tips you may provide.
Sincerely, Hakalau

gmakhs 03-11-2018 00:50

Re: Wind generator shutoff
I prefer to totally stop the generator or use a dump load resistor .

Hakalau 03-11-2018 01:14

Re: Wind generator shutoff
Thank you for such a fast reply to my wind generator question. I will now learn about “dumps”.
I wonder if I must obtain a new charge controller that works with such a device. My current controller does a great job of charging, but it seems to depend on the built-in braking system which (like I stated before) is no longer viable. The brake simply wore through allowing unlimited blade speed.
Sincerely, Hakalau

gmakhs 03-11-2018 01:58

Re: Wind generator shutoff
What is the model of your generator ?
You should be able to find cheap controller s with dump resistance at alliexpress or Amazon

Hakalau 03-11-2018 02:50

Re: Wind generator shutoff
Thank you for the further assistance regarding charge control.
My Airmaax, mfg by Electromaax has a:
SMR-12/24-W5 controller

Please forgive my lack of electronic savvy, but here is my best interpretation of how this particular manufacturer-supplied controller seems to operate...

I believe you already know this stuff, but I will state my understanding so you know where a beginner like myself stands regarding dump load resistors and charge controllers.

It senses voltage, and when appropriate, it switches on the mechanical propeller brake.
Since the brake is worn out, the controller becomes cooking hot, even with the built-in thermostatically controlled cooling fan spinning like a... it spins really fast and loud.

That begs the question: does this particular controller have the ability to dump to an external dump?
The electromaax website shows wonderful and complete information on this controller, never mentioning an external dumping ability.

I will search as you suggest and locate a new controller.

Thanks again, Hakalau

GordMay 03-11-2018 02:52

Re: Wind generator shutoff
Greetings and welcome aboard the CF, Hakalau.

Hakalau 03-11-2018 10:14

Re: Wind generator shutoff
Am glad to be here, and stumbling around such a feature-rich website.

Ecos 03-11-2018 12:00

Re: Wind generator shutoff
Always have a bit of rope attached to the tail. Most wind generators short themselves out to turn off? A simple, 2 pole knife switch, inside the boat at the base of the tower is the best you can do.

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