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Steve Kidson 28-07-2005 23:00

I'm New Around Here
Hi to all, I'm new to this site.

I live in Australia and have been sailing on and off for about 30 years in all type of craft from an 8' snub nose dinghy class Sabot to 35' keelboats.

My main interest in sailing is to cruise, and I am currently fitting out a Hartley 32. I am fortunate to own a cabinetmaking and joinery business, and my boat is at present on the hard next to my factory; makes the fitout process very convenient, now if I could only find enough time.

Look forward to chatting and exchanging information.

Fair winds to all


boredinthecity 29-07-2005 01:25

G'day Steve
Have you managed to get to the Boat Show yet, and if you did were there any good deals on Naviation gear, GPS, forward sonars and such. I trying to get down tommorow and any advance info would be great.


Steve Kidson 01-08-2005 03:55

Boat Show

Sorry I have't logged on the last couple of days and responded earlier, but I am intending to go to show on Tuesday PM.

In the past it has been possible to pick up some extra special deals on gear that the exhibitor does not want to have to pack and transport from the show.



ozskip 01-08-2005 07:40

HI steve and welcome good to see another ozy. Which hartley are you working on and how much work is there to do?There are a lot of experianced people on here with some good ideas/ answers to questions and just remember their bark is worse than their bite.:D I live in gippsland vic. Greg.

Talbot 01-08-2005 08:44

lots of aussies and not one of you living on the best side of the country! :p

ducks head back below the parapet :cheers:

boredinthecity 01-08-2005 15:12

that piont of view comes from living your life upside down on the wrong side of the planet:D

Paul:cheers: :cheers:

Steve Kidson 02-08-2005 22:40


Have a Hartley 32 RORC, she is ferro-cement, professionally built with a very fair hull.

To date, have removed lots of dry rot from deck and cockpit areas, patched these areas with ply and epoxy putty, sheathed deck with epoxy resin and cloth, re-painted deck with 2 undercoat and 1 top coat.

Cockpit sole and seats have teak decking, am converting steering from tiller to wheel, and have re-powered with a Perkins 4108.

Am working through th fitout below decks at present, and hope to be back in the water sometime during the coming summer.

Thanks for your welcome, interest and advice.

Fair winds


Alan Wheeler 03-08-2005 05:45

Sheesh, another Ozy, I'm feelin out numbered.:D

Steve Kidson 03-08-2005 06:18

I dunno Wheels, it seems to me us folk from the South Pacific should band together; those from the "north" outnumber us.


CaptainK 02-10-2005 22:53

Most Of The Earth's Northern Half Has Land
To Kidson & Wheeler,

If you look at a world map. The north mostly has land masses. Which would mean, you are outnumbered.



Oh I can feel the hate, swelling up in you.
Emperor Palpatine

Bob Norson 03-12-2005 19:42

hey cpn K!

About the land mass issue.... maybe thats why all the sailors from Phoenix are moving to Australia! Ailie Beach in the Whitsundays is staring to look like a Phoenix suburb. What can you do when you run out of adventure on lake pleasant? I publish a paper for boaties in Australia and in the last two editions I have neighbors of yours.. A multi hull regatta that I sponsor has a pheonix guy doing the MC and handicapping...Thats Steve Halter in issue # 15 and I caught up with Jay (from nrth near Glendale) after he caught a black Marlin off his cat near Hayman island, report is in # 16. Both editions are available free download at

Alan Wheeler 03-12-2005 20:13

It could be a conspiracy Cpt.K. Maybe we just make you all up in the North "think" there is no land down here. We print all the world maps down here;) and purposely leave out most of the land masses. Then when ever any of you northeners come down this wayfor a visit, we show you just a few of the spectacular places, so as you get your breath taken away and think you have seen it all. But us Kiwis and Ausies have a lot more of a backyard than we let on and we keep the real spectacular stuff to ourselves. :D

CaptainK 03-12-2005 20:46

Ohhhh...Wheeler. Heh heh heh heh.

I know there is more than what the maps shows the eyes. LMAO

But, I never been "Down Under." Or to "Ozland." But, hopefully one day I can visit both of your wonderful countries.

You know Wheeler. I actually hold your country and Australia. Including England with very high regards of respect. I already visited England once.

But, like I said earlier. I hope one day I can.

CaptainK 03-12-2005 20:52

Hey Bob Norson.

Thank you for the link. And welcome to .

No, I do not know about the person you mentioned. Incase you never visited Phoenix, or the entire metro area. It's a very big metropolian area.

Glendale, Arizona is next door to me. Just over a mile away, from where I'm typing this posting at. But, Glendale is a big city too!! Another section of Phoenix.

Bob Norson 03-12-2005 21:56

Hey Wheels... speak for yourself! I'm the biggest blabber mouth in the south hemisphere! But there are just one or two places....

Hey capn K... I know Phoenix pretty well.... lets see now... you are about a mile from Glendale so... not far from Bethany Home road and say... 35th?? thats ave of course as you are west side. just a guess.

Pheonix is OK except those freezing winter nights! Man, I am spoiled.

I know the town is bigger but I bet kids still cruise Central.. just don't know what they cruise in!

Cheers Mate

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