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Salacia 08-11-2008 13:41

Lagoon 410 Offshore Experience ?
Does anyone have any experience, or websites that they can point me to in regards to taking a Lagoon 410 offshore. Specifically, crossing oceans etc.

I would be quite interested in what turned out to be the strong and weak points in the boat over time and what modifications would be recommended.

Of course, I know I'll hear from some that a 410 should NEVER go offshore... I know of one person from my local area that arrived in Australia just recently after crossing the Pacific. He had some pretty interesting weather but, in his case at least, the boat stood up very well.

bvimatelot 09-11-2008 02:55

I delivered a new 410 from France to the Caribbean and then took an electric one from BVIs to the Chesapeake. Have also driven several of them around the caribbean as a charter skipper.

Not a bad cat: not as close winded or as fast as many but a comfortable and perfectly reasonable machine. I've had bad weather in them and they handle it ok: at least I never felt really frightened!

A friend of mine is living aboard one and has single handed it extensively around the North atlantic circuit. I've forwarded your enquiry to him and hopefully he'll get back to you with some deeper "live-aboard insights". Tony

talus 13-11-2008 01:44

+1 on the request for input on L410's.

I like this boat a lot and am looking at it for a family liveaboard and Caribbean cruiser with aspirations of traveling farther.

Tim Schaaf 14-11-2008 15:45

Looking at them from a crewed charter perspective, the galley is very small compared to some others. I am not sure how well the anchoring system actually works, but it looks a bit awkward if you get into difficulties.

They are well thought of here in the BVI. I have some good friends who bought one new, briefly cruised the Med, and then sailed here to work the boat in the crewed yacht trade, which they did for two years. They have retired and sold the boat, but I will see them in a few weeks, and ask them.

They did love their boat (they had also crewed for the Moorings for several years on Leopard 45's) and they never expressed any concern about their trans-Atlantic Passage, nor anything else. They did have some niggling problems with "lagoon quality", but I don't think they were major.

tezbery 22-11-2008 13:38

Sorry for this DUMB question ....Whats BVI??

bvimatelot 22-11-2008 15:48

British Virgin Islands: an extremely easy and "yachtsman friendly" location in between Puerto Rico and St Martin/Sint Maarten.

IrieCat 22-11-2008 17:51

Tim, sounds like John & Lynn

Tim Schaaf 23-11-2008 14:31

It was, indeed, John and Lynn! By the way, they are coming back out to do a few charters for former guests, around Christmas, this year, on a Moorings boat, I believe.

IrieCat 24-11-2008 20:04

About three years ago we did a charter on Moonshine with John & Lynn. As soon as we got back we planned our move onto a sailboat. We now live on a Mahe 36.
Give them our regards!
Lonnie & Teri

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