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sbaydreamer 10-09-2018 13:11

Clearance rules in EU?

Could someone tell me if I as a EU citizen with an EU flagged boat still need to clear in and out when arriving/leaving to or from an Eu country to another.

Lets say for instance I leave Ibiza in Spain and arrive to Malta- do I need to clear in and out?

Thanks for answers

Pete7 15-09-2018 11:58

Re: Clearance rules in EU?

If I travel outside the EU to the Channel Islands technically I need to fill in this form. Post part 1 before going and part 2 when I return.

I would hope that Spain has something similar.

Now what happens in practise with thousands of boats ploughing their way across the med each week, well. :rolleyes: However, get caught and it will give Spain's customs and excuse to go to town if they are feeling inclined. After all if you didn't declare the voyage what else are you hiding? taxes, boat registration? I have been on the receiving end of a UK customs check because I had a new tax free car and the customs officer didn't. A couple hours of my life, under extreme pressure, I won't get back.

edsailing 15-09-2018 13:06

Re: Clearance rules in EU?
Sorry, hate to disagree Pete, but going from one EU country to another as an EU citizen in an EU boat, I have never cleared in or out, it's not needed. The channel Islands are not in the EU, so yes, you have to clear in and out.

Pete7 16-09-2018 13:42

Re: Clearance rules in EU?
Oops, yes Ed you are right, I read the questions as leaving the EU for another country outside the EU.


bobgarrett 16-09-2018 14:26

Re: Clearance rules in EU?
It is a little more complex than that.
Within the EU there is also the Schengen area - which the UK is not part of.
Travelling from the UK to the Schengen area means you should complete a Schengen form. France, though, despite being in the Schengen area does not require this from EU boats carrying EU citizens arriving from the UK; but Belgium for example does. The challenge then though is finding someone to accept the Schengen form. We have even had official refuse to take them but saying keep it onboard in case we get stopped as some stage.

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