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Hudson Force 25-08-2018 15:56

Revisiting after some time away
Hello to all my good friends on the Cruisers Forum and to all those new here within the last year and a half since I sold my boat. Nancie and I have been adapting to a life ashore. She has done well with a hip replacement, but still has difficulties with post-polio syndrome. I'm beginning a second season with a sixty piece band and doing a lot of skating. There is a joyful life for us after cruising,... much travel,..... a new two week old Granddaughter. Nancie has a number of plants and some ducks that she fusses over. We rent a small place that is still about four times the size of our former boat, but we remain reaping the benefits of non-ownership. After 45 years aboard, we still do best without much "stuff".
We occasionally receive updates and photos from the young couple who bought our ketch, "Aythya". We love the care that she's been given and the renovations.
I'll be scanning about and seeing what all are up to, but without plans to keep the presence on the forum that I had in the past. 'best to all!

sy_gilana 25-08-2018 16:03

Re: Revisiting after some time away
Thanks for the note. Nice to hear. Stay well , but don't trust those ducks!

Palarran 25-08-2018 16:05

Re: Revisiting after some time away
Welcome back and thanks for the update. I'm sure you will have a lot of knowledge to share if you choose to. You really can't get sea water out of your veins for long.

Mike OReilly 25-08-2018 16:13

Re: Revisiting after some time away
Great to hear from you. I hope you stick around and resume your contributions. You know more about this cruising life than I will ever learn.

Tayana42 26-08-2018 06:07

Re: Revisiting after some time away
Good to hear you and Nancy are doing well. Your 60 piece band must make a joyful noise.

SSgtPitt 26-08-2018 11:16

Re: Revisiting after some time away
Wow, 45 years. Best of luck to you and thanks for the words of wisdom that helped me get started.
We’re on the boat now and shoving off this Nov......still no watermaker.

Hope to see your input continue on CF and updates about your transition to life on the hard.

SFS 26-08-2018 14:58

Re: Revisiting after some time away
Hudson, please continue to post here. You are a wealth of information, a source of wisdom (not always the same thing), and you contribute mightily to the sense of community. I have missed your presence here.

a64pilot 26-08-2018 15:22

Re: Revisiting after some time away
Yes, Welcome back.
Been thinking of you guys lately as we are in Jax now waiting for Hurricane season to end.

Steadman Uhlich 28-08-2018 07:51

Re: Revisiting after some time away
Howdy Hudson!

Welcome Back!

Glad to see you in the forum again.
Your rare wisdom will always be a great contribution to CF!

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