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travis_farmer 22-07-2018 12:06

Ratheon R10X radar - no responce to power
ok, i bought the radar (with the radar dome) for $100, so i am not out much money, but still, it is a lot of money. it is lacking a power cord, and the power connector has ( :facepalm: ) wires soldered to it. i am somewhat adept at electronics, so i have at my disposal a DMM, oscilloscope with 1X and 10X probes (200Mhz i think), and a digital logic analyzer. i have not worked on a radar before, so i am hesitant to dive into it yet. perhaps i don't need to yet.

anyway, the dome cord was cut and spliced, so that could be suspect. but i connected it all up (dome -> display, and 12V -> scary power wires). it draws some power, but nothing turns on, or even lights up. i have checked the fuses, and both are ( :facepalm: :facepalm: ) wrapped in tin foil (will change for real fuses as soon as i buy some). so, albeit scary, the radar is getting power. i have a PDF manual from Raymarine, though the scan quality is poor, so the schematics are hard to read.

any idea how i can proceed in getting this scary radar to work? i hate to think i wasted $100, and have to spend much, much more to buy a new radar.

thanks in advance for any help.


travis_farmer 22-07-2018 15:51

Re: Ratheon R10X radar - no responce to power
after much studying of the poor schematics in the manual, i am leaning toward the reverse voltage protection diode. will check that when i get a chance.


travis_farmer 25-07-2018 12:35

Re: Ratheon R10X radar - no responce to power
i pulled the power supply board out of the display, and found an obvious burnt circuit trace on the board. so i cleaned it up, and bridged the burnt spot with solder, and re-assembled. i added power, and pressed the standby button, and was delighted with a beep, and the warm-up countdown. :biggrin:

i haven't tested the dome yet, but i suspect i will want to do that outside. something about RF radiation. :whistling:

I suspect i will have to eventually add a radar mount to my little boat, at some point in the future.


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