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SSgtPitt 08-07-2018 19:45

Diapers vs Diapers
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When I started this new adventure, CF helped me immensely and still does. My ignorance only comes to light as I gain in knowledge, for instance..... in a previous thread somene commented that I need “diapers” to soak up the oil from my Perkins 4108. So I went and bought the biggest box I could find.
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And you know what? They sucked! All they absorbed was water and more water. The oil still just coated everything. And then the Marina asked me if I need any “Diapers” and gave me these.
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HA!! Apparently there’s a difference between Diapers and Boat Diapers. Oh well, we donated the baby diapers and we have a new funny story to tell.
:banghead: Live and learn

sailorchic34 08-07-2018 21:16

Re: Diapers vs Diapers
I just have to say.... It all depends.......
Good story.

StuM 08-07-2018 23:49

Re: Diapers vs Diapers

Originally Posted by sailorchic34 (Post 2669421)
I just have to say.... It all depends.......
Good story.

I saw what you did there. :thumb:

a64pilot 09-07-2018 17:35

Re: Diapers vs Diapers
There is also what looks like a sock stuffed with cotton. Throw it in the bilge, if any fuel or oil gets by it will soak it up, it floats on the water.
Change it every year or so.

Bill Seal 09-07-2018 17:52

Re: Diapers vs Diapers
The grey "oil change" pads from auto parts stores soak up oil AND water, the white ones from West Marine (Tiffanies) soak up the oil, but let the water run through. Worth the $buck each.

SSgtPitt 09-07-2018 19:38

Re: Diapers vs Diapers
Thanks for the replies. The Marina I’m at, because it’s a City Marina, gets “X” amount of $$ a year they HAVE to spend. So it’s a small matter of finding a friendly employee in order to get an armful of Socks and Diapers to help them meet their goals.
My initial post was to make light of my total ignorance in this matter. I’ve come a long way since my first “50 and Shoving off” thread. I still have a loooong way to go, but I am SO doing tbis and the driving force is my wife is ready to leave for ports unknown immediatly. Broke or not, come November we’re Caribbean bound.

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