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Alan j 30-06-2018 07:57

Evaporative Cooler
Does anyone have experience with the effectiveness of Evaporative Coolers. Last year I bought an air conditioner at Home Depot and it worked well but it took up too much space and I ended up giving it away. Now I am looking for something small to beat the heat. I expect it will be for shore power. Any thoughts?

john61ct 30-06-2018 09:45

Re: Evaporative Cooler
Only effective in dry weather, use a lot of water.

Alan j 30-06-2018 10:02

Re: Evaporative Cooler
Thank you.

MartinR 30-06-2018 11:29

Re: Evaporative Cooler

Originally Posted by john61ct (Post 2663295)
Only effective in dry weather, use a lot of water.

ditto. Perfect in desert climate, though

Cheechako 30-06-2018 11:48

Re: Evaporative Cooler
many large manufacturing facilities have them. They work surprisingly well even from a 20 ft ceiling. My company had them in Seattle and they worked well there too. Not a dry climate. I suspect though that one would be larger than a small AC unit. You should be able to make a $165 AC unit fit and work well with some plywood adapter ingenuity.

a64pilot 30-06-2018 11:50

Evaporative Cooler
Only thing a swamp cooler would do on a boat is make you understand why they have that nickname.
When I lived in West Tx., they were the main stay, so much so that regular air conditioning was uncommon and was referred to as refrigerated air.
A swamp cooler was actually necessary, without one the air was so dry your furniture could crack, honestly.

did-g 30-06-2018 12:52

Re: Evaporative Cooler
Isn't the sea the biggest evaporating cooler you could get?

transmitterdan 30-06-2018 13:26

Re: Evaporative Cooler
The sea cooled aircon does not evaporate seawater. Most places where boats are moored have humidity too high to make the swamp (evaporative) cooler viable.

A regular seawater cooled aircon will use the least electricity per BTU.

Suijin 30-06-2018 13:58

Re: Evaporative Cooler
If space is at a premium then built in is the most compact. Second would be a Cruiseair hatch top model. For whatever reason most used chandleries have a few floating around. Not exactly compact but easier to stow than a window unit and plywood baffle.

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