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slowneasy 29-06-2018 12:14

Lifeline clothes clips
I am hoping someone might be familiar with a product I saw on another sailboat. They are clips for attaching towels, clothes, etc to lifelines. These were approximately 2" inch diameter plastic circles with a cutout for the lifeline. Sort of Pacman but with a smaller mouth. They were fairly thin (less than 1/4" thick). Sadly, I didn't get the name of the product at the time. They were very small and handy for extra clips without taking up a lot of storage room but I have been unable to locate them searching online. I've searched until I ran out of ideas on search terms. Anyone else seen similar clips?

StuM 29-06-2018 14:43

Re: Lifeline clothes clips
Something like this?


belizesailor 29-06-2018 14:48

Re: Lifeline clothes clips
Cute, when you can find them. We had some cutsey clips too...almost 2 decades ago...they are long gone...replaced by regular old close pins which you can find in most any general store world wide...I just pick up a new package of them each cruising season to make up for attrition from the previous season.

slowneasy 29-06-2018 16:12

Re: Lifeline clothes clips
twisty pegs. How come I didn't try that in a search. Thanks so much that is exactly what I was looking for.

And yes old fashioned clothes pins are hard to beat bang for the buck.

OldManMirage 29-06-2018 18:56

Re: Lifeline clothes clips
Bump. Wanted to remember these tomorrow. Thanks !

a64pilot 29-06-2018 19:03

Re: Lifeline clothes clips
We use these, much stronger than clothes pins and open 1”of course

Training Wheels 30-06-2018 06:50

Re: Lifeline clothes clips

Originally Posted by StuM (Post 2662640)

We’ve used them for several years, works great! Best part is there’s nothing to rust or corrode.

Nicholson58 08-07-2018 18:09

Re: Lifeline clothes clips
Our experience is anything plastic will be quickly destroyed by the sun. We use cheap old wood pins. Use plenty of them because the wind will have its way.

belizesailor 09-07-2018 05:16

Re: Lifeline clothes clips

Originally Posted by Nicholson58 (Post 2669346)
Our experience is anything plastic will be quickly destroyed by the sun. We use cheap old wood pins. Use plenty of them because the wind will have its way.

So do we, and the metal and wood ones are fully biodegradable. Wood or plastic, you will sacrifice many to Neptune and I feel better about not adding more plastic to the sea.

wsmurdoch 09-07-2018 05:41

Re: Lifeline clothes clips
The Twisty Pegs seem sort of dear on Amazon in the United States at $56.00 + $4.49 shipping.

fryewe 09-07-2018 06:24

Re: Lifeline clothes clips
In my early Navy days (a few years after “iron men and wooden ships”), we were taught to use small stuff (another old Navy term) as clothes ties. The method uses ten or twelve inch long pieces of about quarter inch line, cinched tightly to a couple of corners of each piece of clothing with a single tight overhand knot. Both bitter ends are then tied to taut lines stretched between sturdy belaying points. In cold or rainy weather, a steam room or engine room was warm weather, Old Sol would make things dry and fresh.

Simple, inexpensive, reusable. Those tight overhand knots at the corners of wet cotton and wool clothing held remarkably tight as the items dried. Some synthetics might demand another method.

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