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HoneyBeeeHappy 12-06-2018 17:20

Onboard Storage, Damage Control
A quick search yielded no similar questions, so here I am!

Good tools are prone to rusting onboard, and books/paper are prone to mildewing, and electronics just get damaged by the salty air!

Would storing these things in appropriately sized plastic sterlite containers go a long way into prolonging their lives? Obviously I wouldn't have a LOT of large containers. But say instead of a standard toolbox, I kept those nice tools in a similar-sized plastic bin with lid instead. Would that not help keep off the rust?

Perhaps keeping important documents in gallon-sized ziploc bags as well?

Stu Jackson 12-06-2018 17:30

Re: Onboard Storage, Damage Control

Originally Posted by HoneyBeeeHappy (Post 2650573)
A quick search yielded no similar questions, so here I am! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Really? Did you do a search on tools? New discussions are always helpful, but every time tools comes up, there is almost 99 44/100% turn in the discussion along exactly the lines you are asking about: storage, oiling and containers.

HoneyBeeeHappy 12-06-2018 19:26

Re: Onboard Storage, Damage Control
Yes, actually! I searched tools and several other keywords. Mostly it came up with threads on what tools are handy to have around and how to use them in a variety of circumstances. I didn't really see anything on storing them! Maybe I missed something?

Either way, I'd love to see opinions on using sterlite and other plastic containers for tools and other items to keep out the salty air.

john61ct 12-06-2018 21:04

Re: Onboard Storage, Damage Control
Light spray of oil, wrap in a rag, keep in a ziploc

JPA Cate 13-06-2018 01:06

Re: Onboard Storage, Damage Control

It might be an issue of the CF search functions. Briefly, if you use the CF Custom Google Search, roughly 6th under the Search button menu, you will have better results, if you search on something like "storing tools in a salt water environment." It has to do with how the various searches work, and Google one works best for concepts: the regular CF search requires an exact match and has case sensitivity.

There are many threads on this issue. I discovered that ziplocs make a good moist air barrier; they are NOT waterproof. Airtight boxes can be substituted for tool boxes, but I would put the tools in their oily rags in the airtight boxes.... Rust happens because salt is dissolved in the sea air, and salt is hygroscopic (absorbs water), then it lies on the steel, and the inevitable happens.

There are various liquids one can spray on tools to help preserve them. They'll be mentioned in the threads. The info is just hidden because of the software.


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