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ShadowRWolf 13-10-2008 03:07

Still alive!
this evening i got it the boats mine!! i have the title finishing up with the marina tomorrow. looking thrue the papers the boat "coral head" witch i think they named just for the hell of it. on a old paper from Nippon Racing Club
name: A C E N
LOA:8.992 m.
LWL: 6.985 m.
Beam: 2.819 m.
Draft: 1.580
Rig: Sloop
Sail area:?
Engine: yanmar Diesel YS-8
Designer Syuji Watanabe
Builder: Katoh boat Ind.
Date of Completion: october1973
there papers have it registered in 1986
seems to be the olders papers on it.
also in the documents is the original blue prints not copies!
there in pencil. dose that mean that this was a custom build 1 of a kind?

tomorrow's agenda is to take the leaky windows off and replace the sealant.
then start marking around the inse to hunt down the rest.

new guy in the shop before he joined the navy he builds high performance diesels! so i think repairing my lil beast should be easy. gong to man handle it out its only 200lbs. found an entire set of new seals as well so there's some $ saved.

now next thing is i have to replace the cockpit drains. Looks like shower drains on there. one is not even hooked up. they empty below the water line 2 thru hulls for them. what should i replace the drains with? would it be a good idea to get rid of those thru hulls and make a new one above the water line?

i got time and some $$$ :-)

GordMay 13-10-2008 03:46


Ex-Calif 13-10-2008 06:20

Woo hoo! Welcome back from the cruise and congratulations!

iiii 13-10-2008 06:49


starfish62 13-10-2008 08:58

Sounds like you're off to a wonderful start!


SkiprJohn 13-10-2008 12:06

Congratulations! If it is not a name brand boat then it very well could be a one off design. Can you contact the builder?
Cockpit drains can be plumbed above or below the waterline. My preference is above but remember they have to angle down to the thruhulls to make them drain properly so sometimes the only way is below the waterline. If they have been working pretty well over the years you might just want to change the drains, hose and valves, replumb and hook them up.
Kind regards,

Talbot 13-10-2008 13:21

Remember this feel of great joy, it will be the same when you have completed the boat and can sail her properly at last. You will need these memories wwhile you pull her apart, before putting her back together again!

Good luck, and keep us posted.

ShadowRWolf 13-10-2008 20:38

im a walking sun burn. well replaced the 1st window... trial and error now its going to go a million times faster.

grabed a bag of ice to test the boat cold box. so far so good. its actoly a decent size once you start putting things in it. need to finde new watter bladers. the boat hase no tanks, just uses bladers. i like the idea.

well days half over. back to the hardwhare store and evreywhae elce to pick up all the stuff i dident reolise i neded.

think i have enough pictures and videos to do the before and after.

SelkirkWind 13-10-2008 21:03

New Boat!

Talbot 13-10-2008 22:02

Before taking anything out, make sure you take more pictures of the item you are removing, any connections it may have, and the way it is fastened down. That way if there is a delay in replacing it, you can go to the photo and remind yourself of how to do it.

ShadowRWolf 14-10-2008 03:59

god idea its just windws kinda simple...
pluss i may be a dislexic crazy person but i have a mecanicle minde.
take somethig apart and i can see how ti gose together in my minde

will defonitly do for the more complacated stuff thow

since ive stoped the big leeks im going to bustout the simple green and scrub brushes
and cleen out the inside. will spot the smaler ones that whay.

ice box works well kept stuff cold all day looks like it will last about 3 days on 1 small bag of ice.

o yes the gps works, a conection in the display is lose but there is a micro miniture repre tek in my lab so il let him go at it and fix it.

tanks for all the help an ideas

ShadowRWolf 17-10-2008 16:19

i fousome mgic eraers in the boat.. i love them now! bought some plastic dull scrapers to start getting rid of the barniculs.... theres some big tough ones on there. any whay to get the sticky stuff they leve behinde off?

off to cleen up the inside.

ShadowRWolf 18-10-2008 14:56

well very good newse the bank got back to me i have a lone for $5000.00 so now i have a little bit of spending $
probobly going to buy new thrue hulls and valves
any parts that i need to rebuild the moter
thats it for the moment

have to pay 500 for a crain when it comes time to haull out.

when i was in the watter these past fue days scraping off the huge barniculs and the gras. i noticed that the paint at the watterline is cracked all around the boat. figuring the paints about 3+ years old no clue what it is. since its time to re paint the deck, i think its time to repaint the underside.

since i do not know the paint im geussing its the best bet to strip it off and start over.
what paints recomended for the tropic enviorent, and how should i go about painting the deck, almost the entire topside is nonskid. should i strip it and start over? of work with whats alredy there?

Ex-Calif 19-10-2008 16:01

We used Micron 66 (ablative - blue) over a good basecoat/sealer for the bottom. So far of the 3 systems it seems to be holding up the best.

ShadowRWolf 19-10-2008 22:50

cool think il be taking off all the botton paint since i have no clue what it is will also give me a good idea whats going on with the hull.
also since im starting new paint i can chose what look i want.
think il hae to keep the topside wight due to the heat factor out here, alredy hot enough as it is.
going to get some frends to come up with a dizine for the name something that looks cool.

been clening the inside bow back and its not to bad lots of energy thow
kinda wating for the verdic if the moters worth rebulding.

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