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sandrunner 30-04-2018 21:15

Racor model for Perkins prima?
Curious what model racor, filter size, and flow rate other perkins prima users are happy with. Opinions are all over the place and very general, hoping to hear some specifics in terms of fitting a solution before it hits the perkins filters for locales with less than stellar quality diesel.

a64pilot 01-05-2018 06:09

Racor model for Perkins prima?
Also look at what size is most commonly available.
Not sure what a Prima is, but the Racor 500 series is I believe the most commonly available size. Itís much larger than needed for most sailboat engines, but availability of spares canít be overstated in importance.
If you know your going where fuel is sometimes questionable, a dual filter setup may be a good idea, not inexpensive though, and buy at least a case of filters.

zeehag 01-05-2018 07:57

Re: Racor model for Perkins prima?
i like racors 500 fg model. can change the cartridges without breaking prime. excellent idea for maintaining while underway. is what i use with my perkins 4 108.

Cheechako 01-05-2018 08:06

Re: Racor model for Perkins prima?
The 500 series is fine. The filters allow far more flow than most sailboat engines require. The 200 series is fine but they no longer make it. But the bigger filter you have the less likely/slower you are to clog up with a bad fuel event.

ALLAN WARD 01-05-2018 09:17

Re: Racor model for Perkins prima?
I installed the Racor 500FG on my Perkins Prima M50 engine and it has worked perfectly.
It is one of Racor's most popular units and you can source replacement elements almost everywhere in various micron sizes. I spotted elements on shelves throughout Brazil even in fairly remote areas.
The unit is over-sized for the flow rates of the M50 which allows you to improve the micron rating of the element , in my case l fit the 5 micron.

The element is supplied with a body seal which should be replaced everytime you service the element.

Maka 01-05-2018 12:08

Re: Racor model for Perkins prima?
The larger the filter the less often you will need to change it.
My two racors are designed for 60 GPH each, while my 4 108 0nly burns 1 GPH.
1st filter 10 microns, second filter 5 microns ( Same as the filter mounted on the engine ) so I should never HAVE TO change the engine filter. Only as a regular maintenance line item.
I was able to find a bunch of filters, new in the box, on E Bay for about 1/2 price.

cwoflyboy 01-05-2018 13:18

Re: Racor model for Perkins prima?
I have a Perama M30. I like the Racor 500 too. Is it bigger than you need? Yes.
Parts/filer availability is great. I have the Racor vacuum gauges on both filters.
Because of the large filtering capacity of these units, you can go a long time between filter changes.

michaelratinter 01-05-2018 16:01

Re: Racor model for Perkins prima?
I have a Racor 500 filtering fuel for my Perkins 4.236. It is mounted at the highest point in the fuel system making filter changes quick and easy.

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