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Olly75 19-04-2018 19:41

Perkins 4.154 Injectors
This is a call for help. I have a Perkins 4.154 that has had a load of work done and was running perfectly, until the injector pump died.

So the pump is off and away for a rebuild, and I thought that while I was at it I'd get the injectors taken out and tested/rebuilt if needed.

Only problem is that the little buggers won't come off. They've been soaked for two days now and some serious force applied to coax them out but to no avail.

So does anyone know of a technique that will get them out? Or do I just need to try a bigger pry bar/tnt?

rbk 19-04-2018 20:10

Re: Perkins 4.154 Injectors
I believe the shop manual suggest lightly tapping with a hammer back and forth or the use of a lady slipper. With the hammer you have to hit the body of the injector and only lightly.

shakey doug 19-04-2018 21:24

Re: Perkins 4.154 Injectors
A 8'' length of 1'' brass rod [Drift] and a 5lb club hammer then work your way around the area where the injector goes into the Head with very solid dead blows. DO NOT be scared of hitting it. Fairy blows have never loosened a properly stuck injector.

Olly75 20-04-2018 16:26

Re: Perkins 4.154 Injectors
Thanks, Ive managed to get one of them to twist slightly which is an improvement but still wont lever out. I will borrow some lady slippers tomorrow. If that fails I resort to the bar and large hammer.....

waterman46 20-04-2018 18:18

Re: Perkins 4.154 Injectors
Bit off topic but I got to reading this thread because I also have a Perkins 4-154, but never had problems removing injectors. However, since some of you know how to use these tools, what is the difference between the lady slipper bar and just an ordinary punch of the type you'd use to make a little detent in metal where you want to drill? It appears the punch has the same type of point as the lady slipper if the pictures I see are any help.

Olly75 20-04-2018 18:19

Re: Perkins 4.154 Injectors
Can't help on the lady slipper topic, but can you share your method for removal?

jimbunyard 20-04-2018 19:05

Re: Perkins 4.154 Injectors
The business end of the lady slipper for removing injectors is the part that resembles the lady slipper; the 'toe end' of the slipper goes under the injector flange, the 'heel' of the slipper is the fulcrum to pop the injector up.


An alternative to the 'maximum force adjusting tool' method is to buy or make a small slide hammer that screws onto the injector, and use that to remove them. The hardest part will likely be procuring a used injector line nut, but a good junkyard (do they still exist?) or a diesel engine or injection shop will have one. Then you have to adapt the nut to the end of the slide hammer, but that shouldn't be too difficult, a trip to a good hardware store should do the trick...

oldcal46skipper 22-04-2018 10:03

Re: Perkins 4.154 Injectors
Years ago, I bought an "Injector Puller" set, which is a nice HD plastic box with many adapters for various brands of diesel fuel injectors.

Sorry, "Old Timers" must be setting in, or maybe just CRS, after all I will celebrate 80 years in July.

My shop is full of Harbor Freight tools, so check their website. This kit has a "U" shaped device that straddles the injector, a screw attachment that goes into the common return line fitting. Then you attach it to the threaded rod and out she comes. However on some I have had to use a slide hammer.

BTW, I have two Perkins 4.154's available that need to be rebuilt or can be parted out. Pensacola, FL

roberttigar 22-04-2018 11:21

Re: Perkins 4.154 Injectors
On a 4-108, I used the cylinder pressure help me. Substancially loosen ( but do not remove) the nuts that secure the injectors in the head. Turn the starter for 10 seconds or so and the cylinder pressure might just loosen them enough to twist out> Bob

Olly75 25-04-2018 06:06

Re: Perkins 4.154 Injectors
Thanks all, I'm going to head to harbor freight to check out their pulkers/slide hammers, and if that all fails will try blowing them out!

Argyle38 25-04-2018 08:36

Re: Perkins 4.154 Injectors

Originally Posted by roberttigar (Post 2619828)
On a 4-108, I used the cylinder pressure help me. Substancially loosen ( but do not remove) the nuts that secure the injectors in the head. Turn the starter for 10 seconds or so and the cylinder pressure might just loosen them enough to twist out> Bob

That's a pretty good idea! I used a hammer to tap mine out last fall. Didn't seem to hurt anything. Cleaning them up now for re-installation.

On a related note, what do people use to prevent corrosion on the sides of the injectors, so maybe next time they have to be pulled, it's a bit easier. Do folks typically grease them up before re-installing? What kind of grease?

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