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Redbull addict 23-09-2008 22:10

Lagoon 420 Ad - Clearance ?

I picked up a sailing magazine a couple of days ago and an ad for the Lagoon 420 caught my eye. What surprised me was the lack of clearance for the underside of the deck between the hulls. There is a center bulb that seems to take away a lot of the clearance. In the picture the water looks fairly still but perhaps it was altered in photoshop or the picture in general was touched up.

In either case the distance between the water and the underside was about a foot. From what I have read and my knowledge may be out of date, is that you want as much clearance as possible. So that waves don't hit the underside and make noise at night or in heavy weather may lift the boat instead of the hulls cutting through the water.

The section that I'm referring to was smooth and sculpted as if to manage the contact of the wave so perhaps my understanding of what's a detriment to multihull design is wrong.

Curious to hear others take on this.

GordMay 24-09-2008 02:46

You may be interested in reviewing some of our previous discussions on this subject:
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Redbull addict 24-09-2008 09:59

thanks Gordmay,

it looks like my understanding of clearance is still accurate. So I'm curious whether the picture was touched up without thinking about the impression it may make about the clearance or whether the design is compromised.

Octopus 24-09-2008 11:01


Originally Posted by Redbull addict (Post 208686)
...I picked up a sailing magazine a couple of days ago and an ad for the Lagoon 420 caught my eye. What surprised me was the lack of clearance for the underside of the deck between the hulls.... Curious to hear others take on this.

Hi Redbull

The bridgedeck clearance on the 420 is not the greatest in its class, but neither is it the least. I can testify that it just passes the Richard Woods test 'high enough for an inflatable dinghy to fit underneath', but we did have to let a little air out of our (big) RIB to achieve this, but then again, we were fully laden (4.5 tonnes of equipment and supplies).:)

The nacelle seems to be reasonably effective at breaking waves so their impact is lessened.

During our sailing sabbatical we sailed 12000 miles in ten months and encountered five Force 8 gales. On about five nights the noise in the forward cabins affected our sleep. This is because the head of the bed is above the bridge-deck, so every-so-often there would be a bang right beside your ear. Our solution was to swap cabins with the kids. Our kids will sleep through anything. The stern cabins tend to be noisier because of the sound of the prop turning and the sound of the generator when that's on. Generally we slept well and the bridge-deck clearance was adequate.

Octopus, Lagoon 420
Isle of Arran, Scotland

Redbull addict 24-09-2008 21:15

thanks for sharing your thoughts and first hand experience.

Plus I learned that section is called the "nacelle".

krafthaus 23-02-2014 14:44

Re: Lagoon 420 Ad - Clearance ?
We chartered a Lagoon 420 twice in the last 2 years and have logged 700 miles. You will bang occasionally, but it was much better than the Moorings 4300 cat we chartered previously where we logged 240 miles. That was quite a bit lighter boat and I thought it banged a lot more.

For comparison, we sailed in 3+ meter swells with the L420 & I would say 2 meter swells with the Moorings 4300.

The L420 is a heavier boat, but I prefer the ride.

casablanca 23-02-2014 18:49

Re: Lagoon 420 Ad - Clearance ?
We have a 420 and haven't had any problem with the bridgedeck clearance. Occasional bang but overall seems good. I think the 420 doesn't pitch as much as some other boats.

Casablanca L420

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