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atoll 15-11-2017 03:04

kariba dam,post mugabe
what a wonderful area to cruise with a house boat,or trailerable boat.

hopefully the fate of zimbabwe will change from one of economic ruin,highest inflation in the world at 231 million percent!
to something more stable,and economically beneficial to all,post 37 years of dictatorship under mugabe:smile:

Lake Kariba is over 223 kilometres (139 miles) long and up to 40 kilometres (25 miles) in width. It covers an area of 5,580 square kilometres (6.011010 square feet)mi) and its storage capacity is 185 cubic kilometres (44 cubic miles). The mean depth of the lake is 29 metres (95 feet); the maximum depth is 97 metres (318 feet). It is the world's largest man-made reservoir, four times as large as the Three Gorges Dam.[1] The enormous mass of water (approximately 180,000,000,000,000 kilograms, or 180 petagrams [200 billion tons]) is believed to have caused induced seismicity in the seismically active region, including over 20 earthquakes of greater than 5 magnitude on the Richter scale.[2]

The lake has several islands, including Maaze Island, Mashape Island, Chete Island, Sekula, Sampa Karuma, Fothergill, Spurwing, Snake Island, Antelope Island, Bed Island, and Chikanka.

JPA Cate 15-11-2017 12:00

Re: kariba dam,post mugabe
Well, at least the fishing is good.

Atoll, how you gonna get your catamaran there? What has this to do with cruising?


atoll 15-11-2017 13:28

Re: kariba dam,post mugabe

Originally Posted by JPA Cate (Post 2518942)
Well, at least the fishing is good.

Atoll, how you gonna get your catamaran there? What has this to do with cruising?


up untill the terrorist war really kicked of in the then,rhodesia,now zimbabwe, the dam was a popular watersports,and holiday destination.

the war and mugabe put an end to that in the subsequent years on the zimbabwe side of the dam.

there were marinas and many house boats on the zim side but these are now derelict to a large extent and much of the countries infastructure to support the tourism associated with the dam has also disappeared.

on the zambian side there are currently some companies that run boats for game spotting and fishing safaries

Home :: Lake Kariba Houseboats

hopefully a change in leadership will bring about some change in the country,which at one time was quite wealthy and had great infastructure.

Aswayze 15-11-2017 15:27

Re: kariba dam,post mugabe
I can attest to that as a former Rhodesian.

Both Kariba and Cahora Basa over in Mozambique were very popular boating destinations.

Perhaps someday the area will heal and again people will begin to enjoy these wonderful lakes like we used to.

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