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In Training 04-08-2017 12:39

Full time or Part Time
Still weighing options of full time or part time. Would determine size of boat. Full time, catamaran, part time condo in islands and mono.
Not sure husband is too keen on living on the boat full time. Want him to be happy as if he isn't the dream is dead. Thoughts going to condo on an island in the usvi where we would stay six months, storing boat at st. kitts, then during the hurricane season taking the boat to bonaire for diving. My husband does have some medication issues thus need to be able to be at us based area every three months (he can fly). Anybody else do this?

Kenomac 04-08-2017 13:24

Re: Full time or Part Time
We cruise six months on, six months off with my wife returning home for a week every three weeks. I stay on the boat continuously. It works for us.

s/v Moondancer 04-08-2017 13:30

Re: Full time or Part Time
When you have medical issues it is an error not to have a land base in a first world location.

Medications are usually easily obtained at lower then US costs or even at a cost less than my Medicare deductable. I also have my US Medicare prescriptions sent by my pharmacy to my Miami UPS store who forwards them to me...Never had a problem with them clearing local customs.

We have spent a total of one year, across three hurricane seasons, diving in Bonaire. If a storm threatens Harbor Village Marina is a viable option.

Ecos 04-08-2017 13:43

Re: Full time or Part Time
I don't see why the boat would should be any smaller for part time. You need the same stuff as full time. It's nice to have just about everything onboard ready to go.

In Training 04-08-2017 13:46

Re: Full time or Part Time
Limited funds. Have to budget for Condo and Boat, not just boat. Expense of keeping boat on the hard when at the condo, expense of condo when on the boat. All adds up.

Sid Post 04-08-2017 21:06

Re: Full time or Part Time

Originally Posted by In Training (Post 2449186)
Limited funds. Have to budget for Condo and Boat, not just boat. Expense of keeping boat on the hard when at the condo, expense of condo when on the boat. All adds up.

Valid issue easily over looked by many. Same goes with a small vacation cottage in Europe. Double insurance, double taxes, double upkeep, etc.

bvisailing32 05-08-2017 13:31

Re: Full time or Part Time
Interesting choices....

We are retired, and age means medical situations can occur....for me, I have to look at health care as well. So does Erica, and we are both healthy. If some one does have medical issues, that can loom very huge .

As a Vietnam vet, have the VA....which has been super outstanding for decades. I need a good ol U.S.A BASE. State, or Territory, etc.

Been sailing for about 40 years most of it professionally as a USCG lic capt. and Erica. retired M.D., is also a certified skipper for vessels up to 45 ft...( sailing club, moorings , but not USCG.)

We love sailing the BVI, as well as Australia, Tahiti,
Tonga, Mexico, much of the Caribbean , Ireland and Greece. None of those would work for a base for me or Erica, I have the VA, and Medicare, and she has Kaiser . Kaiser is not available nation wide in the USA . So we are pretty much relegated to certain states in the U.S.

But, Being based out of the USVI, you would have a marvelous cruising grounds of the Caribbean. BVI,. USVI, French West Indies, Windwards, Grenadines, etc, etc, at your door step, or dockside.

We have friends who purchased a crealock 34 and sailed the Caribbean for years, but kept their home on the mainland USA. , and would fly back for various breaks or commitments or family situations. That worked for them.

Also, if it is feasable having a small , cozy island home, to retreat to if getting a bit cramped on the boat, or during hurricane season, etc, in the USVI sounds like a plan. or should disabilities occur, falls, fractures , sprains, etc.

There is a lot to take into consideration. But, prior proper planning prevents poor performance, is one of our personal attitudes , not necessarily that of others.

It is a big step to give it all away and sell it, and move across an ocean.
We did it, moving from coastal southern calif to Kauai Island. And after 10 years, doing the same thing in reverse and starting all over , leaving Kauai and now here in Dana Point, Ca.

The best advice that I can share, is to absolutely do your due dilligence, plan ahead, and then plan ahead some more, learn everything that you can about every aspect that you can think of . Being prepared really does help transitioning to a whole new life style.

So does before selling the farm, spending some time sailing out of the USVI, and also learning about living ashore as well as on board.

Good wishes that everything works out for you .

Denny and Erica

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