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Slotty 04-07-2017 22:39

Flexiteek 2G synthetic teak
I've asked this question on the Lagoon owners FB page but seeing as not everyone has FB I'll ask the question here.

Does anyone have any experience with the synthetic teak products.

I will most likely have the stern transom aft cockpit area done on our 450F. Reason being as this area will is used the most and it looks pretty smart.

Does anyone have the templates and willing to share? Preferable on CAD file.

Catamarans Flexiteek decking - Flexiteek

Darksyde 05-07-2017 06:10

Re: Flexiteek 2G synthetic teak
I have Flexiteek since this year on my 450F

And I would do it again. So much better to walk on or to clean.

High Pressure wash

Choose the scrubbed Version and it will look like real Teak


Slotty 05-07-2017 07:21

Re: Flexiteek 2G synthetic teak
Thanks that's the look I like best as well. How did you find making the templates?

Ulstue 05-07-2017 07:22

Re: Flexiteek 2G synthetic teak
We have it in the cockpit - it just looks better than just GFK. In my opinion that is also for the rest of the boat. But in the Mediterranean Sea Flexiteak (as well as teak) is just too hot in the sun, actually for barefeet there is only white gelcoat.

Even if it looks poor - next time I would possibly renounce even in the cockpit.

Darksyde 05-07-2017 07:32

Re: Flexiteek 2G synthetic teak
I have a UK Guy in Spain who has done it for me

Pascals Wager 05-07-2017 08:27

Re: Flexiteek 2G synthetic teak
3 Attachment(s)
I recently had Dek-king synthetic installed in the cockpit and its well wortg the cost and effort. I ran up against the max temp limit to lay it at 35C and that caused some problems so be careful of that. I didnt take many pics but here are a fewAttachment 151281. Sorry i tossed the template.Attachment 151279Attachment 151280

Lambretta 05-07-2017 08:41

Re: Flexiteek 2G synthetic teak
I would suggest only putting it under the shelter of the cockpit roof even though the product looks great, you will not be able to walk on it in most moderate climates in summer and with kids it will really be a problem :nonono:
The Cat I am ordering no longer fit it anywhere else for that very reason.

rdomaleski 05-07-2017 08:51

Re: Flexiteek 2G synthetic teak
Flexiteek 2G is supposed to be a lot cooler underfoot. Does anyone have experience with the 2G product in hot temperatures?

bcboomer 05-07-2017 08:56

Re: Flexiteek 2G synthetic teak
Take a look at Seacork. Looks good, stays a LOT cooler than anything else I've seen.

A little more maintenance but won't buckle like some of the synthetics have done.

Their web site shows a catamaran and it looks great.

Pascals Wager 05-07-2017 08:58

Re: Flexiteek 2G synthetic teak
Mine is Dek-king 2G basically the same product as far as I can tell. It got to 44C today and the sample I left out in the sun was very hot to walk on. I stepped onto my neighbour's boat with natural teak and jumped straight off, could not stand on it with bare feet. Promo says it's 30% cooler than natural, can't confirm that but it is definitely cooler.

George DuBose 05-07-2017 09:02

Re: Flexiteek 2G synthetic teak
I installed Tek-Dek, which is the same or similar to Flexiteek. The UK firm sent me woven plastic that is dimensionally very stable to use for making my templates.

So far I have installed the Tek-Dek in the cockpit and the cabin top and next winter I will do the side decks and foredeck, then I am done.

It looks like real teak (I chose the "weathered" look), is very non-slippery, cleans with a pressure washer and is really easy to install by oneself. Bigger pieces might need two people to position it.

Also using a pneumatic sausage gun made installing the large cabin top piece a dream.

aclmck 05-07-2017 23:20

Re: Flexiteek 2G synthetic teak
Sugest you get a sample first and test it under foot in your boat, I find too hot under foot with any sun on it, I need shoes on to walk on it and even then it tends to heat up my shoes if I stand in one spot. but I'm in Australia and the sun warms everything up quickly.

Slotty 06-07-2017 00:16

Flexiteek 2G synthetic teak
Thank you for all your replies, I've been really keen to get the flexiteek 2G but as a number of you have pointed out it still gets hot and living in Asia it won't be any different here I'm afraid. With small boys onboard I think it will be quite unpractical.

It does look fantastic but there is no turning back once it's installed so, I'm quite certain I'll go without for the foreseeable future.

Thank you for all your replies, much appreciated.

rdomaleski 06-07-2017 04:27

Re: Flexiteek 2G synthetic teak
It's probably best to install it under covered areas of your boat (shaded) and avoid the uncovered spots. It really does look beautiful.

Pascals Wager 06-07-2017 10:08

Re: Flexiteek 2G synthetic teak
Slotty im in Dubai and under the cockpit roof is fine as its shaded. The afternoon sun hits it depending on your orientation but today no one complained, all with bare feet. Max temp today was 44C. As suggested put a sample down and test it.

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