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aquadreams 28-06-2017 01:12

Marinas for liveaboards in SF?
Greetings wise forum members,

I'm planning to retire to the cruising life in a couple of years and considering getting a boat now to liveaboard in the SF California area while still working in silicon valley. Seeking suggestions and knowledge about marinas that allow liveaboards.

I know that several don't allow it.
I know that many have a years long waiting list.

How does one time a purchase with plans to move aboard without having a liveaboard slip arranged?

Do I need to arrange a slip before buying the boat? But finding the right boat may take a while too.

This would be a for 50' monohull. Marina suggestions that minimize the commute to work in San Jose would help.

I just plugged in some numbers and figure that with my current rent at $3,000 per month buying the boat now and moving aboard might be a feasible option.

All advice welcome, and humorous critique is expected :-)


roverhi 28-06-2017 08:55

Re: Marinas for liveaboards in SF?
Got the menu at the top of the page and click on the search function. Search for SF Bay live aboard. This topic has been beaten to death in previous threads.

sailorchic34 28-06-2017 09:13

Re: Marinas for liveaboards in SF?
When ever buying a boat it's extremely important to have a slip to put it in before closing on the boat. Liveaboards are getting longer wait lists. Plus some counties (Contra Costa) are trying to run out liveaboards.

Way around that is to take a transient slip for a month at a time. Some marina's allow 2 months for transient slip lease. Added bonus is in many cases a transient slip costs about the same as a liveaboard slip. Makes for an interesting experience if you're commuting.

This oddly does several things, it give the harbor master time to know you and the boat. Which is important. This may make it easier for you to get a liveaboard slip or get approval for liveaboard.

Also note that different marina's have different requirements for liveaboard. Some require a minimum LOA of 40 feet others 35', others 32'.

The other issue is most marina's near silicon valley don't allow liveaboards or have really long wait lists. Farther away, It might get easier.

in any case you will have to travel to each marina and talk to the harbor master in person, before they will even offer a liveaboard slip. Marina's in the SF bay area generally will not say they allow liveaboards or have openings over the phone.

sailorchic34 28-06-2017 09:15

Re: Marinas for liveaboards in SF?
For a 50' boat the other issue is the limited slips available for 50 footers. So that will make it interesting too. I know Marina Bay in Richmond may have 50' slips.

dwmCA 28-06-2017 10:09

Re: Marinas for liveaboards in SF?
Moss Landing, in between Santa Cruz and Monterey, had liveaboard slips available in the newer section the last time I checked.
And, Breakwater Cove Marina in Monterey might have something if you have a nice boat. Call Diane, the manager.

Flyingriki 28-06-2017 10:28

Re: Marinas for liveaboards in SF?
Ditto Marina Bay. Lived there for a couple years. Ugly town but nicer the marina side of the highway.
The controlling tree huggers (BCDC?) have determined boats to be fill..... and restrict liveaboards, like we are some kind of dirt.
Some, like Grand Marina play with the waiting list so you never know....
Like grumpy said, do a search here, you'll find a lot of discussion though search works oddly some times and just one word will do the trick.
Good luck!

aquadreams 28-06-2017 17:30

Re: Marinas for liveaboards in SF?
Thanks for the responses and also the reminder about the search function. It turned up more than I expected. If I still have questions after reading the old threads I'll be back.


Franst8 29-06-2017 10:38

Re: Marinas for liveaboards in SF?
I currently live aboard in Berkeley. All marinas will tell you that they have a waiting list. I found that if you visit the marina office on a regular basis you will get a liveaboard permit without waiting on a list. Establishing a relationship with the harbor master is very important and I believe there are more empty 50 ft. slips than other ppoular smaller sizes. That is the case here in Berkeley. Good luck in your search.

briblack 29-06-2017 14:51

Re: Marinas for liveaboards in SF?
check Ballena Bay Marina, on Alameda. not close to the Silicone vall, but . . . worked for me. BBYC, Club Nautique, out the entrance and yer sailin'. all good. and garden plots were available

bsurvey 29-06-2017 15:41

Re: Marinas for liveaboards in SF?
go down to the marinas in redwood city and buy a boat with a slip

Ecos 29-06-2017 15:53

Re: Marinas for liveaboards in SF?

Originally Posted by bsurvey (Post 2423736)
go down to the marinas in redwood city and buy a boat with a slip

Dock Town. You can even buy a houseboat there. You would need to move it though, more condo's on the way.

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