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theglo 15-04-2017 11:22

Key West Mooring Field Wifi
Does anybody use a WIFI booster in the Key West mooring field? I'm curious if you can pick up Xfinity or any other hotspots from out there. I can't right now without one.


gus110 15-04-2017 13:22

Re: Key West Mooring Field Wifi
According to Active Captain wifi is available

Robertkwfl 16-04-2017 15:26

Re: Key West Mooring Field Wifi
If you're on the Sigsbee corner of the field you can pick up a paid access point from the campground there. SSID is campwifi and it costs about $20/month, IIRC, but works pretty well. That's with a high gain omnidirectional antenna.

The city marina's wifi never worked for me.

theglo 17-04-2017 04:21

Re: Key West Mooring Field Wifi
Thanks for your help! We are moored on the opposite side but I'll have to check over there and see what we can pick up.

By omnidirectional antenna do you mean a particular WIFI booster? Any suggestions on brand?

Thanks again for your help.

gts1544 17-04-2017 05:52

Re: Key West Mooring Field Wifi
theglo, I am not in Key West, but have been using this Alpha wi fi booster for years with great results.

It has an omnidirectional (any direction vs directional) antenna and simply plugs into any USB port on your laptop. It comes with about a 5' cable so you may wish to get a longer one (10-15') to be able to have the antenna topside (partway up the mast) and work below. The unit is NOT weatherproof, but inexpensive! George

theglo 17-04-2017 06:07

Re: Key West Mooring Field Wifi
Thanks George. That is a cheap option that I will just have to try out.

Robertkwfl 18-04-2017 17:26

Re: Key West Mooring Field Wifi
I use a Mikrotik Groove with an 8db antenna, but it is difficult to configure. I haven't used it, but I think the Ubiquity Bullet is easier to set up. I think islandtimepc sells a pre-configured Groove that might be a good option as well.

capngeo 18-04-2017 17:37

Re: Key West Mooring Field Wifi
I use Ubiquity stuff... Get the City Marina WiFi all the way out to the tip of Flemming

Rocket-Boat-1 20-04-2017 10:26

Re: Key West Mooring Field Wifi
I always hotspot off my phone when partying on others boats in the Garrison Bight mooring field between sigsbee (where I live ashore on the navy base) and Fleming.

Didn't know others got campwifi from campground out their in Florida bay though, had friends moor out there and they've always hotspotted off their phone as well.

theglo 17-05-2017 14:38

Re: Key West Mooring Field Wifi
Roger that on the hotspotting thru the cell phone. I'm tracking that as an option but pay $10 per GB or something and was looking at WIFI to watch Netflix or what not.

Thanks for the help! I'm going to try one of those antennas.

FutureStories 20-05-2017 21:46

Re: Key West Mooring Field Wifi
This post inspired me to make my thread about my liveaboard Phone/Internet/TV/Music workaround.

I switched to T-Mobile which has an "unleashed" plan that allows you to stream Hulu, Netflix, Pandora and Spotify (and a bunch of other apps)

Read my long winded thread explaining my reasoning!
**i do not work for a phone company, although the thought has crossed my mind with all the arguing I do with them!**

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